Toy Fair 2017 Masters of the Universe Classics

Toy Fair 2017: Super7 Masters of the Universe

Super7 wants you to know that Masters of the Universe Classics, the line Mattel handed down to them this year, is NOT dead. Super7 plans to continue the Filmation line started last year, so they’ve added four new entries: Tri-Klops, Hordak, Man-At-Arms, and Teela. This is in addition to the previously announced figures in the regular Classics line: Hawke, Lodar, Fangor, and Quakke.

Another new announcement, however, are two three-packs that will be Power Con exclusives. The first is a trio of mini-comic inspired versions of Stratos, Trap-Jaw, and Prince Adam. The other set being a strange Frankensteining of random parts to make Horroar, Hot-Shot, and Lord Gr’asp. As of now we do not have details on how Power Con plans to handle these exclusives. I would assume they will offer some type of non-attendee option like they did with last year’s figures, but we’ll wait and see what they officially announce. Power Con will be in September of 2017.

Another exciting development for Vintage collectors is that Super7 will be producing the cancelled ‘Powers of Grayskull‘ figures He-Ro and Eldor in the vintage five POA format!

Toy Fair 2017 Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics

Along with those two they will be doing vintage He-Man, Skeletor, She-Ra, and Hordak in their Filmation cartoon colors. They will be packed on vintage-styled cards with a tag that says ‘As Seen on TV.

Everything shown at Toy Fair is expected to release in 2017.



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