Hasbro Marvel Legends Warlock Series Colossus Review

Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock Series Colossus Review

When Colossus was first announced back at SDCC last year I was both excited and confused. Excited because that’s motha-fuggin Colossus! Confused because I had no idea where on earth they pulled that costume from. My confusion over the costume led to me conducting a little investigation. Every year we run into a couple of Marvel Legends’ characters whose outfits make us question “why that?” It turns out there is a Marvel phone app called ‘Marvel: Contest of Champions.‘ It’s basically a freemium phone fighting game where you can unlock new characters, abilities, and currency via playtime or straight up cash. Nine times out of ten if you don’t recognize a costume used in Marvel Legends, it will be from that game. Colossus is the latest but you can also go and cross check Electro from the Space Venom wave or Moon Knight from the upcoming Homecoming Vulture wave.

I really should just know better at this point! I prejudged Cable’s odd costume choice and ended up loving that figure. I had my doubts about this one as well, but as soon as I got him in hand my fears disappeared and turned right into excitement. First off, he’s huge! He could easily pass for a build-a-figure in a world where Mantis gets to be one. Second, the new costume and color scheme really does pop when you see it in person. Third, he has a bearded head that looks INCREDIBLE! I’m not even going to screw around with having the traditional Colossus head on this guy. Don’t get me wrong, the classic head is spot-on as well, but damn that beard with the vector hair design looks great.

One gripe I do have with the classic head is that it rests a little high on his neck. The other probably does as well, but the beard fills in some of that space and makes him look more natural.

For the $20 MSRP, Colossus is probably your best value in this entire wave considering what he’s packed with and the amount of plastic used. He has the alternate head for himself, Warlock’s head, and an alternate buzz saw hand for Warlock. Whereas some other characters (*cough* Wolverine and Cyclops *cough*) have very bare cards with lots of open space, Colossus fills his up well giving him impressive shelf presence.

Colossus uses one of the larger Hasbro Marvel Legends bodies; previously featured on characters like Bulldozer, Thunderball, and Piledriver. [Editor’s note: I was wrong, this looks to be a completely original body build, thank you friend curt] They’ve made a lot of updates, however, since Colossus is a bit of a unique guy. First, they gave him all new metal arms with the lines sculpted in. The arms also have a subtle wash to darken the plastic which really makes them look metallic. While I do love the arms, I think they took a bit of a misstep with the forearm protectors. They limit the articulation on both his elbows and his wrists. The larger characters generally don’t have great range of motion in their elbows, but Colossus can barely hit a 90 degree angle with his.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Warlock Series Colossus Review

I think the only real aspect that will turn people off to this Colossus is unfamiliarity with his costume. This was the exact same issue Cable had in the Juggernaut wave. However, I think both characters really should be given a chance. Overall he’s a fantastic action figure, and he has one of the best alternate heads I’ve seen in quite some time. Possibly since Nuke’s terminator head? I’m glad I can finally reunite Magik with her brother. Hasbro kills it with these X-Men waves. Sure, X-Men has and probably will always be my jam, but they’ve been bringing it in the past year.

This year’s X-Men Marvel Legends wave does not appear to be hitting online stores yet. However, myself and quite a few friends have had good luck checking Target. They seem to be the first to have them in. If you aren’t having luck just keep checking over at Amazon, I have a feeling the date these are allowed to be sold online is March 1, 2017.


4 thoughts on “Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock Series Colossus Review”

  1. this costume is from the comics, along with cable’s and i think moon knights’ as well.electro is definitely from the modern comics, idk about that suit with the starfish head though. and this figure is a 100% new mold.

    1. Sorry, I probably could have been more clear about that. Yeah, these costumes are from the comics, but I think they choose the costume based on the game. Likely because it’s easier to pitch something the general public has seen through the app. If I recall Colossus didn’t wear this outfit for very long, I believe Electro’s was from Superior, and Moon Knight is the NOW version.

      As far as 100% new tool? That’s surprising, I really thought he was using the Bulldozer upper body. Thanks for that!

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