Hasbro Marvel Legends Warlock Series Dazzler Review

Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock Series Dazzler Review

Ah, this costume brings back memories! In a surprising but welcome turn of events, the Hasbro Marvel Legends team decided to introduce Dazzler to Marvel Legends wearing her first appearance look. The first time we met Dazzler was in Uncanny X-Men #130. She’s a performer at a Manhattan disco club. Coincidentally Cyclops, Phoenix, and Nightcrawler show up one night searching out a mutant lead and end up finding her. Of course they were also tailed by the Hellfire Club who were probably going to capture everyone if Dazzler hadn’t butted in.

However, this issue does lead to one of the best Cyclops reaction shots when Jason Wyngarde kisses Jean in da club.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Warlock Series Dazzler Review

You know? Some Hellfire goons would make fantastic Marvel Legends toys. At one point during the Toy Biz days we were teased with a ‘Bring on the Bad Guys‘ wave where each figure included a partially articulated henchman of sorts. This included a Hellfire Club Goon, AIM Soldier, Brood Drone, Hand Ninja, and some others. The idea ended up being scrapped, and that wave was reshuffled so that the build-a-figure turned into the crab Onslaught we only recently replaced with a proper version. I wonder if the Hellfire Soldier ship has sailed at this point? They certainly aren’t as prominent in comics as they were years back.

But then again, I suppose anything is possible in a world where disco Dazzler is an action figure! Alison comes dressed up in her skin-tight white suit and roller skates. She’s packaged with a Warlock arm, microphone, and a rainbow colored energy effect. You could probably consider her disco-ball necklace an accessory as well, since it can be removed. That microphone is going to be one of those accessories that everyone is going to lose. A couple years from now the secondary market is going to be flooded with loose Dazzlers missing their microphones.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Warlock Series Dazzler Review

Dazzler is built from quite a few new parts including her roller skate feet, bell-bottom lower legs, upper torso, and head. The skates don’t actually roll, but they are quite handy for keeping her upright. The design adds an extra level of support and balance for her. It’s also worth noting that the ankles have a pretty great range of motion so she can get herself into some decent skating poses.

Sure, this Dazzler is great but where can I fit her into my display shelf?” Personally, I would build a comic first-appearence display around her. We already have the Phoenix that works with her since she came in the Juggernaut wave. Cyclops will actually be released this year in a two-pack with Dark Phoenix. Finally, complete the scene with the original Toy Biz Nightcrawler! Now you have an instant origin crew to hang out with Dazzler.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Warlock Series Dazzler Review

I’m very happy with this Dazzler. I know my friend Matt over at AwesomeToyBlog is probably over the moon! I think what I really appreciate most about this wave is the variety. Hasbro isn’t really focusing on any one era, but instead giving us a nice mix of mutants from different teams and time periods. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they all came out looking so good.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Warlock Series Dazzler Review

I believe this wave has an official preorder date of April 1st online, but if you haunt your local Target you may come up big. Now that a lot of the stores have installed their Guardians of the Galaxy end caps they’ve also cut in additional space for the X-Men Marvel Legends line. Unless of course your particular store is flooded with the Juggernaut wave, then I’d probably check elsewhere. Those things have stopped moving completely in my area.

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