NECA Predator Series 17 Serpent Hunter Review

NECA Predator Series 17 AvP Serpent Hunter Predator Review

NECA’s Predator series 17 has descended upon us … about a month ago. Sadly, I have been too busy with my super crippling Overwatch addiction to do anything else, but I finally got around to buying the whole wave. Since I am still in a video gamey mood, I figured I’d take a look at the Serpent Hunter from 2010’s Aliens Vs Predator video game. AvP 2010 didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but developer Rebellion also didn’t have a great track record. They wouldn’t find their stride until they made the Nazi testicle demolisher series: Sniper Elite. The game had the usual tropes of the previous AvP games but didn’t really do anything thrilling with the franchise outside of a few key segments. Such as the inclusion of different fatality moves, and having the Predators call the Xenomorphs ‘Serpents,’ which gave them a cool biblical sense of evil.

Being a next gen (at the time) game meant better looking models. While the humans and xenos were samey, the Predators really stood out with their unique masks. Serpent Hunter was, sadly, an exclusive pre-order multiplayer skin bonus only, so a lot of people probably missed out on him. Then again, the multiplayer didn’t last long either. You had a better chance of finding fifty bucks on the ground outside of your house than actually winning a match as a marine. It usually came down to one predator chasing a xeno around the map for 10 minutes due to health regeneration shenanigans.

Serpent, as well as the rest of series 17, has the upgraded AvP bodies which is already a big plus. I understand NECA’s reasoning to go back to the smaller molds like they did with Ghost and City Hunter, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. He stands out from the other AvP figs with a subtle, yet nice, red trim to his armor and clothing which really makes them pop. Too much brown/yellow/silver/grey would have made it feel generic.

He comes with a set of extra hands: one closed and one open. In addition he has the standard glaive, sword, and plasma caster. The wrist blades are the non removable type, and I know I complained about this ad nauseam but the other predators in this wave have the removable blades. He does have one set on each arm, but so does the Youngblood (by Rob Liefeld) Predator. It’s a mystery that will haunt my ham handed dreams as I’m terrified of breaking the wrist blade while swapping hands.

NECA Predator Series 17 Serpent Hunter Review

Ridiculous wrist blade gripes aside Serpent has such a unique mask and nice paint job compared to others that he is worth picking up. Since NECA has opened some doors by making a character from this video game hopefully we get to see others such as Lord, Spartan, and Claw (there are a few others, but they were from the movies such as Wolf from AvP:R and he is coming next year). Those guys were unique looking and well worth being turned into action figures, unlike NOT VAZQUEZ or THE ROOKIE who was just a bald space marine. Or even NUMBER 6 who is a xeno with just a 6 etched into her forehead. Riveting.

NECA Predator Series 17 Serpent Hunter Review

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NECA Predator Series 17 Serpent Hunter Review


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