Mattel DC Multiverse King Shark Build-A-Figure Review

Mattel DC Multiverse King Shark Build-A-Figure Review

It took me exactly two months but I finally did it! King Shark is complete! Not only complete, but I also took the extra step in obtaining the Toys R Us exclusive Robin that provided the alternate Hammerhead look. That seems to be a new thing that Mattel is in to, sticking optional build-a-figure parts with exclusives and other figures outside of a designated wave. The Wonder Woman movie’s Ares BAF has a whole mess of these as well.

However, (DC’s) Ares does not interest me. All that I care about is biped shark people, so King Shark is my jam. Now, was he worth buying six seven questionable at best figures? Let’s go ahead and take a look …

Mattel DC Multiverse King Shark Build-A-Figure Review

First off, King Shark is a very large action figure. Compared to a standard DC Multiverse or Marvel Legends figure, he’s almost twice the size. He’s roughly the same height as Marvel Legend’s Warlock build-a-figure, but has a ton more bulk. Still large build-a-figures are always fun to get.

If you buy the Toys R Us exclusive Damien Wayne Robin figure, then you have two head options. Now don’t go thinking you can skip Zoom, who comes with the other head. Even if you don’t like the normal shark head, Zoom can’t be skipped because he also includes the crotch part. Robin does not have that piece, so you still need to buy all seven figures to make Hammerhead King Shark. Both of the heads have opening mouths but no neck movement, so he will always be looking forward.

Which head is the best? I’m a Hammerhead guy. If you aren’t particular to that look, however, then save yourself the $20 on Robin because that’s the only part he comes with.

Mattel DC Multiverse King Shark Build-A-Figure Review

King Shark is a really cool looking toy who starts to ravel apart when you try to pose him. As I mentioned in the Jim Gordon Batman review, the Mattel articulation scheme is dated and needs a serious update. It’s a great scheme for completely neutral poses, but not much else. There is no reason that these figures shouldn’t at least include rocker ankles and swivel-hinged wrists. What’s the point of having that outward hip articulation if he can only stand on the sides of his feet?

Mattel DC Multiverse King Shark Build-A-Figure Review

My other big gripe is with the elbows. I didn’t expect double joints, but I did hope that they would hit something close to a 90-degree angle. Nope! These elbows have barely any clearance at all. Again, great for neutral poses, but not so much if you want to do anything else. His head basically plugs into a carved out section shoulders, so there really isn’t any side-to-side neck movement. However, he’s a human shark so I really didn’t expect that, and I am fine with it.

Mattel DC Multiverse King Shark Build-A-Figure Review

Overall I’m pleased with King Shark, if I don’t think about the $140 worth of figures I didn’t particularly want in order to assemble him. He’s a bulky, solid, and large action figure of a giant shark person, and there isn’t much more that the 10-year-old me could have asked for!

In order to build King Shark you will need the following figures:
Batgirl of Burnside – Left Arm
DKR Joker – Torso
Jim Gordon Batman – Right Leg
TV Hawkman – Left Leg
TV Jay Garrick Flash – Right Arm
TV Zoom – Head and Hip
Damien Wayne Robin – Optional hammerhead head


4 thoughts on “Mattel DC Multiverse King Shark Build-A-Figure Review”

  1. Thanks for this review! Cool looking figure, too bad about the lack of poseability. I mostly know king shark from Secret six and suicide squad ; he’s such an over the top character that he makes a lot out of limited appearances though.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any interest in the figures required to assemble him (maybe Jim Gordon , I guess). Sure wish Mattel would step up there game

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