Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Man Two-Pack Review

Marvel Legends Homecoming Spider-Man/Iron Man Two-Pack Review

This set was supposed to be the one I could either skip or at least wait for a nice discount! But no! Hasbro is releasing Marvel Legends at a break-neck speed this year. This ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming‘ themed set is the latest in a string of two-packs intended to flesh out the Legends collection. The following two-packs have either been slated for, or have been released this year:

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Man Two-Pack Review

Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive Mary Jane and Spider-Man
Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive Dark Phoenix and Cyclops
Guardians of the Galaxy V2 Star Lord and Ego
Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man and Iron Man
Thor: Ragnarok Thor and Valkyrie

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Man Two-Pack Review

Most of those two-packs have at least one character that we haven’t seen before or is in high demand. This one, not so much. I think it’s safe to say that Iron Man and Spider-Man have been pretty well represented in Marvel Legends. Throw a Wolverine and Captain America in with them and that would make the most unnecessary box set ever created! On the surface level, this seems like a simple rehash to cash in on the movie. And it very well may be! However, it does come with a few extras that I think make the purchase worthwhile.

Let’s start off with Spider-Man.

If you already own the Spider-Man that came single carded in the Vulture jet-pack build-a-figure wave, then this body should come as no surprise to you. It’s exactly the same; holes for the shoddy web-wings and all. The only real difference is that that blue sections of the costume are a lot lighter in color, which also causes the black lines to be more pronounced. Unlike the single carded release, this one only comes with a left fist and right thwipp hand.

The heads are where this release shines. Both included heads are new: an unmasked Tom Holland head and a masked head with a squinting eye. The Tom Holland head is the big draw of this set, but first I want to point out how great the masked head is. This appears to be the first time we have a Spider-Man figure with asymmetrical eyes! We get roughly 82 Spider-Man Marvel Legends a year, and not once has there been a figure where one eye was squinting. Now they just need to give a comic-based Spidey the same treatment!

And of course the Tom Holland head is included as well. Hasbro is continuing the trend of using printing for the painted details on the face. It’s a very similar process to the one Bandai uses on their Figuarts lines. The two biggest complaints I’ve heard is that he looks like Toby Maguire and the head is too big. Regarding the latter, I’ve looked over a lot of press photos, and I just think Tom has a big noggin. As far as the Toby likeness, I can see it a little and mostly in the hair. We have to consider that both actors were playing the part of Peter Parker, so they do look similar in the role. Upon close inspection, I can definitely identify Tom Holland’s facial structure, and the likeness to him is pretty good in my eyes.

Next up, Iron Man.

I’m sure with the next Avengers movie hitting early 2018 we are going to reach complete global saturation on Iron Man action figures. Since we haven’t gotten a single Iron Man this year, I suppose I can let this one slide. In addition to that, it’s an “Ultimate” inspired color scheme using the newer, bulkier body type that was introduced in the Civil War Ant-Man BAF wave last year.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Man Two-Pack Review

Tony Stark is one movie character that desperately needs an updated head. However, you won’t get that here. Instead, it does come with an alternate helmet with an open mask, exposing him as a drone or empty suit. There are no extra hands with Iron Man, either, but he does include a single blue blast effect.

So with all the exciting two-packs we’ve gotten this year, how does this one stack up? It’s never beating the Dark Phoenix set. In fact I don’t think anything can. However, it is a very solid showing with some really great exclusive accessories. IT may even edge out the Spider-Man/Mary Jane two-pack. My original intention was to wait this one out, but once I saw it in person it became a must buy.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Iron Man Two-Pack Review

I don’t believe this set is exclusive to any one store. Personally, I’ve seen pretty thick stacks of these at a few Toys ‘R’ Us in my area, so if you are hunting I’d check there. Of course you could always keep an eye on Amazon as well!


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