SDCC 2017: Hasbro Marvel Legends Rundown!

Keep checking back here as I’ll continue to update as the show goes along.

As of right now this is what we have confirmed (or kind of confirmed as word of mouth is only so good until we get official PR):

All Marvel Legends are six-inch scale unless otherwise noted.

Back in Black Deadpool (Gamestop Exclusive comes with parts to make Superior Venom – thanks TheFwoosh)

Deadpool Legends (BAF or complete lineup not yet announced)


Black Widow w/ Motorcycle (Part of a possible line of characters with their respective rides)
Ghost Rider w/ Motorcycle

Retro Toy Biz Marvel Legends
Captain America (Comes with shield throwing accessory Abomination wave Cap had)
Spider-Man (Pizza Spidey with pizza slice and half-masked head)
Punisher (Walgreens Jim Lee head with red bandana and new deco on accessories)

12″ Tiger Stripe Wolverine

Pictures below provided by the illustrious Matt at AwesomeToyBlog!



1 thought on “SDCC 2017: Hasbro Marvel Legends Rundown!”

  1. Wow you totally called it. You said in a post way earlier they’d be making commemorative toy biz packaging for some legends figures. I never heard anyone else mention it. So considering that’s true then we should hope to see wolverine. Possibly tiger stripe?

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