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Rank My Man-Thing (Marvel Legends)

If I’m being honest with myself, there is no way I’m going to get around to reviewing every figure in Hasbro’s latest (partially) Netflix inspired wave. So instead, I thought it would be more fun to just take a look over the entire wave and rate it from least to beast. That includes the build-a-figure, that thick, juicy Man-Thing!

7. Blade – I would have probably ranked this Blade figure higher simply on the principle that it isn’t the one we were promised a few years back. That one would have used the Ultimate Nick Fury body that I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few times that I despise. This Blade comes with two heads! Yay! One is bald, and the other is very similar to the Wesley Snipes version of the character. Neither of these heads have their fangs out. That’s certainly a missed opportunity, among others.

He’s built similar to the recent Jim Lee Cyclops figure where the straps on his leg and torso are not glued on, so they just kind of float. Sigh.

He’s also forward leaning. What I mean is that if you put his legs in a completely straight position he’s leaning forward. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, for instance Spider-Man and others have also had this. The issue is that his butt is blocking any backward motion of the hip joints and legs. It makes him a giant pain in the ass to pose.

Regardless of the issues, he’s still Blade. And Blade is cooler than 90% of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which is why it breaks my heart to declare him the worst figure of the wave. You just aren’t fun to pose or anything. So much wasted potential.

6. Daredevil – Daredevil started this gangsta shit, and this the motherfucking thanks he gets?

It may partially be my hate of the suit, but this figure just does nothing for me. Hasbro tried their best here with an all new sculpt, alternate hands, and face printing. But I’m just not into it, unfortunately. If I had to pick the costume for a Charlie Cox Daredevil action figure, I would go with the black shirt/black bandana he wore for most of the first season. The superhero helmet makes him look goofy, like Avengers Captain America goofy.

I will say, in his defense, at least he isn’t Danny Rand.

5. Punisher – It’s funny how the two most popular characters (I’m assuming they are because Hasbro thought it best to double pack them in a case) are near the bottom of the list. Despite my dislike (or maybe apathy?), there really isn’t much wrong with the Punisher. Kudos to Hasbro for not trotting out that tired old Ultimate Nick Fury coat and body. They dedicated an entirely new sculpt to the Netflix version of Frank Castle.

The likeness to Jon Bernthal is absolutely there. Hasbro has been nailing the movie and television likenesses this past year. The likeness may in fact be so good that I still have a hard time separating him from his creepy, rapist, short-lived character, Shane, on The Walking Dead.

4. Jessica Jones – It may seem like I’m shitting all over the Netflix characters, but that totally isn’t my intention. Overall, this is a great wave from top to bottom. However, the comic figures brought so much more to the table than the others. It may also be that I don’t hold the Netflix shows in very high regard. I’ll almost always make it about six episodes in and then bail. I’m still not sure what the conclusion to Jessica Jones or Luke Cage was.

Jessica’s jean legs open up the possibilities for all types of civilian female characters. We’ve already gotten Mary Jane, and I’m sure there will be others down the line. They put a black wrap around the bottom of her leg to simulate her boots. They are passable, but a little thick. Her likeness is okay. At certain angles it looks off, but others it appears to be pretty close. She doesn’t come with any accessories besides the Man-Thing torso. Some extra hands would have been a nice addition.


3. Elektra – Elektra was one of the worst parts of Daredevil season two. It’s not necessarily her fault, I just don’t think they built a good story around her, so the plot meandered while she and Daredevil snuck into buildings and quipped. This figure is a much stronger effort than her on screen performance. Even if you are like me and not a fan of Elektra from the Netflix series, this figure still works in many different ways. This figure is very well done. It can work well as Elektra, or just a random female ninja if you want to go that route.

I do wish that her sais were more rigid. Mine are already bending off into every direction. I tried replacing them with the Figuarts Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael sais, but those are just a little too big to look correct in her hands.

2. Man-Thing – I know a lot of people share the sentiment that the Toy Biz Man-Thing was just about perfect and didn’t need an update. I disagree. EVERYTHING TOY BIZ NEEDS AN UPDATE!

I don’t really follow Man-Thing’s comic career that closely, but I’m a big fan of his look. Hasbro really succeeded in making a more comic accurate, chunky, thicc Man-Thing. Is he worth buying the six figures in this wave to make? Absolutely! I’ve seen the darker end of this spectrum trying to build Mattel’s DC Multiverse collect and connect (You just had to be different, Mattel? Build-a-figure wasn’t good enough for you?) characters. There isn’t a figure in this wave I actually regret purchasing to make my Man-Thing, so he can truly be considered a bonus to buying the whole wave.

1. Bullseye – Back ye olde’ Toy Biz days, the Bullseye body was the gold standard for average height superheroes and villains. This new Bullseye body (which is really the All New, All Different Spider-Man 2099 body since he got it first) blows the old one out of the water. Not only is the new body with butterfly-shoulder joints great, but it also comes with a huge helping of accessories: a knife, a bunch of hands, an unmasked head, and a hand that includes a dagger-throwing effect.

Both heads are just great, and they show so much personality. The only real issue I have is that they didn’t give much love to his right hands, as he only has one. He has a ton of left hands, however.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Man-Thing Build-A-Figure

If you are looking to get this wave in its entirety, order a case from Entertainment Earth (you will get two Punishers and Daredevils, since they are double packed).

For individual figures, check out Amazon.


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    1. DD Season 2 was the only one I’ve been able to watch all the way through, and it was honestly a struggle. The rest of them I’ll maybe get half way through, if that, and just lose interest. Maybe the Marvel Netflix world just isn’t for me.

  1. I like the Daredevil costume apart from the Doc Martens-style boots he seems to wear with it in the show…

  2. Kevin Anderson Smith.

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