Hasbro Marvel Legends HASCON Exclusive X-Force Deadpool Review

Hasbro Marvel Legends HASCON Exclusive X-Force Deadpool Review

Hasbro believes you can never have enough Deadpool. We have an entire wave dedicated to the guy coming up early next year with well-known Deadpool character Sasquatch as the build-a-figure. To wet our appetites Hasbro offered an exclusive X-Force version of the “Merc With a Mouth” at their first annual HASCON convention as an exclusive.

Hasbro Marvel Legends HASCON Exclusive X-Force Deadpool Review

At first glance this figure looks to be a simple repaint of the Juggernaut wave’s Deadpool, but after taking a closer look this is far from the truth. The tactical gear has been removed from the forearms and lower legs, he’s now in the more traditional Deadpool “pajama” costume. I *think* that the upper torso is new as well. The muscle creases on his pecs seem different from the red one, and it appears to be ever so slightly wider. This is less of a redeco and more of a preview of the classic Deadpool that will be in the Sasquatch wave.

He comes with a whole mess of weapons. And fear not, the taco is back! There are two action figure accessories I can’t get enough of: tacos and pizza slices. Pile em’ high, I want them all! The rocket launcher doesn’t come with a boxing glove this time around, but it does have a darker color scheme and some Deadpool themed graffiti written on the barrel. There is also a nice little cross-brand reference hidden on his hip holster, a Nerf gun (I suppose it could be a water gun too). Just be careful removing it from his holster, mine took a little bit of paint off of the orange tip.

Surprisingly, the unmasked head doesn’t look as natural on this one as it does on the previous, red outfit version. It looks better if you remove the choker around his neck before putting the head on. That unmasked Deadpool face is one of Hasbro’s best efforts, it’s just so expressive and fun. Thankfully, the hooded head is damn near perfect with the red eyes, so he can stay that way forever for all I care.

(Head-towel sold separately)

Would I recommend Marvel Legends HASCON Exclusive X-Force Deadpool?

I haven’t reached Deadpool saturation just yet. Talk to me next year when he’s had an entire wave and a Gamestop exclusive, then I may be singing a different tune. But for now I absolutely recommend this figure. He’s so much more than a simple repaint. He has new parts, new accessories, and on top of that the asking price was still only $20. With exclusives I generally expect a markup, so the price was very welcome.

Hasbro Marvel Legends HASCON Exclusive X-Force Deadpool Review

Couldn’t make it to HASCON? No worries, Deadpool will be up on HasbroToyShop tomorrow, September 20, 2017. How long he’ll last there is anyone’s guess. But at least there is a chance.

Hasbro Marvel Legends HASCON Exclusive X-Force Deadpool Review



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