Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #52 General Leia Organa Review

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #52 General Leia Organa Review

I think it’s fair to say that the toy roll out for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, at least in the six-inch department, left a lot to be desired. I’m sure part of it had to do with all of the secrecy surrounding the film. And I’d possibly be willing to accept that if General Leia Organa came out a year after the movie. But two years? Sure, Rogue One probably had something to do with this, but I imagine we could have skipped a Hover Tank Pilot or Scarif Trooper to get a Luke and Leia made. Rogue One had some of the most “who gives a shit?” troopers made into toys. It’s actually the thing that finally broke me of my completionism for my Star Wars Figuarts collection.

That was until Bandai figured out my weakness by packing BB droids in The Last Jedi releases if you by both in any given month. Those bastards got me to buy another Phasma. They are truly horrible people.

I’m much more impressed with the selection of characters available leading The Last Jedi. Thrawn, Hera, Leia, Luke, and Maz are all welcome additions to the Star Wars Black collective, and they aren’t even figures from the upcoming film! Leia, however, was long overdue.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #52 General Leia Organa Review

The good here is that the sculpt captures the 60 year old Carrie Fisher likeness extremely well. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who collects Star Wars Black figures that the paint detail on the face is very basic. Thankfully the sculpt is so strong that overshadows the lack of paint a bit. It’s a bit of a shame that Hasbro hasn’t started using the face-printing technology for the Star Wars line yet, as General Leia would have REALLY benefited from it.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #52 General Leia Organa Review

Moving on from the likeness of her face, the rest of the sculpt is really well done. Her height seems appropriate as she scales smaller than most other human figures. Her purple overcoat is removable, but I’m not really sure why you would need to since I don’t remember seeing her with it off in the film. For single joints, the elbows have a surprisingly satisfying range of motion. There’s also nice little details like the ring on her right hand is actually sculpted and painted.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #52 General Leia Organa Review

As far as accessories she only includes her blaster, which is very similar to the one from A New Hope. The lady knows what she likes and sticks with it, apparently. I don’t think you actually see her using her gun in The Force Awakens, but maybe that will be different in the new movie?

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #52 General Leia Organa Review

Would I recommend Star Wars Black Series General Leia Organa?

Of course I would! Carrie Fisher was and will always be one of the brightest parts of the Star Wars universe. While she didn’t have a giant role in The Force Awakens, it was still great to see her as Leia again. On top of that, her whole crazy media tour while promoting the movie was just delightful. Within reason, I’d purchase just about any action figure of Leia.

The toy isn’t perfect, but it’s still a really good representation of the character in that film. I think if you’ve been collecting Black Series figures for this long you kind of learn to accept the paint issues. As I mentioned earlier, however, the sculpt is pretty killer and covers that up a bit. I highly recommend this figure.

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  1. I will buy this first and foremost, for Carrie and her legacy. Honestly I still get bummed thinking about it. (Same with Leonard Nemoy).

    She looks great too though, which is is nice. Having her and JM Luke will be a nice touch.

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