HASCON Marvel Legends

HASCON: Hasbro Marvel Legends Put It On the Glass!

HASCON has officially started up in Rhode Island! My man David is on the site soaking in the sights and taking pictures of all kinds of stuff, so follow him on twitter if you would be so kind, he should be there all weekend. We’ve got our first look at the more complete Deadpool Sasquatch build-a-figure wave, with possibly more to reveal later.

As of now the wave is as follows: Sasquatch, Classic Deadpool, Cable, Domino, X-23, and Deathlok.

Also we have the Marvel Legends riders, which will be released in 2018. This will include Black Widow (pictured with an alternate short-haired head) and Ghost Rider. Both figures will be packed with their bitchin’ rides!

Spider-Man’s Lizard build-a-figure wave is also on display. What has been revealed of this wave thus far is: Lizard, Mysterio, Gwenpool, Spider-Punk, and Lasher.

Finally, here’s another look at the carded Toy Biz styled retro Marvel Legends series which should be hitting shelves soon! This will include Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Spider-Man, and Punisher.

Keep an eye out  as hopefully Hasbro plans to reveal more Marvel Legends (and likely fill the holes in these lineups) during their panels this afternoon.


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