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HASCON: The Marvel Legends Wolverine We’ve All Been Waiting For Revealed!

Ever since Hasbro brought back the X-Men to Marvel Legends last year, people have been clamoring for that one figure: Tiger Stripe Wolverine. Say what you will about the Jim Lee X-Men run, but those outfits certainly stuck with people. Anyway, wait no longer people as Tiger Stripe Wolverine has officially been announced as part of showing the process of making Marvel Legends action figures. Check out the pictures below of Wolverine in different steps of the development process, including the 3D printed prototype, parts, and painting.

No word yet on where Wolverine would land. The safe guess would be the Apocalypse build-a-figure wave slated for later next year. It looks as though they have press imagery ready for him, so hopefully we’ll hear more tonight.

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1 thought on “HASCON: The Marvel Legends Wolverine We’ve All Been Waiting For Revealed!”

  1. Okay not likely considering it’s wolverine and he’s going to stay in circulation no matter what but finally the wolverine to end them all. Meaning the one they’ll make for me to be satisfied with not having another ever again.

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