First Look: Funko Disney Afternoon 3 3/4? Baloo, Chip, and Dale

First Look: Funko Disney Afternoon 3 3/4″ Baloo, Chip, and Dale

Yesterday, we took you on a tour of the birds in Funko’s Disney Afternoon action figure collection. Today we get a better look at the mammals (and a bug) from TaleSpin and Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers.


After messing around Baloo a bit, I started getting curious about TaleSpin. I recall watching the show as a child and can even name a good majority of the cast, but I was having a hell of a time coming up with any memorable moments. This led me to Wikipedia where I discovered that TaleSpin only lasted one season.

One season that lasted 65 friggin episodes! That seems unheard of this day and age. I still don’t recall much from the series, but I love Baloo and The Jungle Book has always been a favorite of mine.

Similar to Scrooge, Baloo has a ball jointed neck. The range isn’t quite as good here, but it does the job. The rest of the articulation is the standard scheme for this line: neck, shoulders, elbows, abdomen, and hips. Baloo does not come with any accessories, but he is a giant hunk of plastic. In fact, he’s the tallest of any figures in this series.

Chip and Dale

There’s no case too big, no case too small. If you need help just call Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip N Dale, Rescue Rangers!

First Look: Funko Disney Afternoon 3 3/4? Baloo, Chip, and Dale

That there is another Disney Afternoon cartoon theme I could never shake from my head. Getting both Chip and Dale in the first series is a nice treat. With toys in general there have been too many times when you get one character from a duo, and then the line never gets around to their partner. Not only do we get Chip and Dale, but Zipper is included with Dale as an accessory! This just leaves Gadget and Monterey Jack to complete the main cast.

Like all of the figures in this series, the sculpt for the two chipmunks is on point. Funko did a fantastic job transitioning the two-dimensional animation into a physical figure. Then the factory did a great job because the paints are all clean and crisp. I said it in the previous review and I’ll say it again here, Funko really stepped up with this series. Somebody over there must be a huge Disney Afternoon cartoon fan!

First Look: Funko Disney Afternoon 3 3/4? Baloo, Chip, and Dale

Check out the whole crew …

First Look: Funko Disney Afternoon 3 3/4? Baloo, Chip, and Dale

All of Funko’s Disney Afternoon figures are slated for a November release and MSRP is about $10 a piece. There are preorders up on sites like Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

** Thanks again to our friends at Funko for providing the figures to make this first look possible!


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