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First Look: Funko Disney Afternoon 3 3/4″ Scrooge McDuck, Darkwing Duck, and Negaduck

Do you like ducks? I like ducks! So join me in this celebration of some of the finest duck-themed television programming in history: DuckTales and Darkwing Duck. Funko has a new collection of 3 3/4″ action figures based on the Disney Afternoon cartoons. For this review I’m just going to take a look at the three ducks. However, the entire first series contains the following characters: Scrooge McDuck, Darkwing Duck, Negaduck (which is a chase), Chip, Dale (who includes Zipper), and Baloo.

The first thing that I noticed about this line is that the packaging is tailored to the specific show that each character is from. If Funko goes on to do additional waves in this series, the matching show’s packaging is going to look pretty sweet as their rosters fill out. Of course the packaging doesn’t matter much to me because I ripped these things open as soon as I could to see what we have inside!

Darkwing Duck

I believe I was in third grade when Darkwing Duck debuted. That theme music still haunts me to this day. Twenty-five years later and my old person brain will still find a reason to break out into that damn song. I never had the Playmates line as a kid, so holding a physical model of Darkwing Duck made me realize how obnoxiously large his hat really was!

Funko Disney Afternoon Darkwing Duck Review

So how did the figure turn out? The plastic quality is really solid! I’ve held a few Funko Reaction figures (these are not Reaction figures, for the record) that felt light or “airy” in the past, but this is nothing like that. He’s built tough with a soft plastic cape. DD includes one blaster accessory that can be placed in his right hand. I count eight articulation points on the figure: neck, shoulders, elbow, ab swivel, and then the v-cuts on the waist.

The sculpt is on-model and the paint is really clean. This is totally the Darkwing Duck I would have wanted as a kid!


This is the “Negatron” version of Negaduck, who only shows up in one episode named after him. The other Negaduck, who appears quite a bit throughout the series, is an evil twin of DD from a parallel universe. He’s another fairly easy repaint, so I’d have to imagine if this line continues we will get him as well.

Funko Disney Afternoon Darkwing Duck Negaduck Review

So Negaduck is supposed to be a chase figure. From what I can gather he is in one of every six cases, so I assume that Darkwing Duck may be double packed in any non-chase case. In an ideal world I’d love no chase items, but this character is obscure enough to take that sting off a bit.

Funko Disney Afternoon Darkwing Duck Negaduck Review

The black and white is really striking, and just like with DD the paint is crisp and clean.

Scrooge McDuck

Old Uncle Scrooge, everybody’s favorite crotchety, rich, adventurer. I’m just going to lay it out here right now, Funko. The triplets had best be in the next series. This isn’t even a request, it’s a demand! You can’t tease me like that, I need my DuckTales!

Scrooge comes packed with his cane and a sack of money. The cane is meant to be held in his right hand, and the left hand is more open to accommodate the bag. Scrooge has a very similar articulation scheme to the two Darkwing Duck variants. However, he has a really nice ball jointed neck that gets a great range of motion.

Funko Disney Afternoon Ducktales Scrooge McDuck Review

All of these figures do exactly what they need to, especially for the price point. Sure, there are more articulated options out there, but you will pay a pretty large premium for that. If you are looking for a great collection of on-model, classic Disney Afternoon characters then you really can’t go wrong here. Funko stepped up and delivered the goods. I’m so pleased with this set that I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the future, especially if they keep the same level of quality.

These figures are expected for release in November and MSRP is about $10 a piece. There are preorders up on sites like Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

** No ducks were harmed in the making of this review, all ducks in this first look were provided by our good friends over at Funko.


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