First Look: New Marvel Mighty Muggs - 01 Captain America

First Look: New Marvel Mighty Muggs – 01 Captain America

At New York Comic Convention this year, among other news, Hasbro revealed that they would be bringing back the Mighty Mugg. For those that don’t remember, Mighty Muggs were a super deformed plastic-vinyl line that showcased characters from Hasbro’s various toy licenses. The series debuted in 2007 with Marvel and Star Wars lines. It would eventually expand to include characters from GI Joe, Transformers, Indiana Jones, and even a single Visionaries Mugg as a convention exclusive. The line lasted about two years on retail shelves and then moved to occasional convention-only releases a few years after that.

Now they’re back with an updated look! I mentioned it previously in our NYCC coverage, but the current crop of Muggs will start with two familiar flavors: Star Wars and Marvel.

First Look: New Marvel Mighty Muggs - 01 Captain America

The original Mighty Muggs had a fairly simple vinyl design with three points of articulation on the shoulders and neck. These new Muggs scale smaller, keep the shoulder articulation, lose the neck, but gain a neat little action feature. Every Mugg comes with three different facial expressions that can be switched by pushing down on the top of their head.

I’m a fan of the new look of the heads and the expressive faces. I had a few Mighty Muggs from back in the day, and I personally felt that their adherence to that single head sculpt made things boring. From the revealed selection of new Muggs it seems as though they are willing to play around with the size and shape of the head on an individual character’s basis.

First Look: New Marvel Mighty Muggs - 01 Captain America

As far as durability concerns, I’ve been spinning his head on my desk for hours now without a hiccup. The face lines up with his mask every single time without fail. I even did it at hyperspeed …

** The Captain America Mugg in this spotlight was provided by our good friends over at Hasbro PR.


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