Hasbro Marvel Legends NYCC 2017

NYCC 2017: Hasbro Marvel Legends In Hand Reveal Pictures!

Earlier today I attended a Q&A session hosted by the Hasbro Marvel Legends team representing both this site and AwesomeToyBlog.com (they a truly awesome, go check them out). Not only did we get to chat with the guys that bring us Marvel Legends, but they also had a whole table full of upcoming figures, including a few new reveals! A lot was discussed about the six-inch and twelve-inch Marvel Legends line, as well as a reveal of the return of Mini Muggs. Not only are the Muggs back, but they have a new face changing gimmick that is sure to turn heads.

Go ahead and check out the pictures below, and I’ll try to break down everything revealed as best I can.

Spider-Man Legends Lizard build-a-figure, we’ve officially seen the entire lineup which will include seven figures:
Prowler (new reveal)
Noir Spider-Man (new reveal)

Deadpool Legends Sasquatch build-a-figure, we were told there is still some reveals to be made for this wave. I did ask if X-Force Deadpool would see a rerelease since a lot of people missed the Hascon one and they were very coy, which leads me to speculate he may be part of the wave. The wave as we know it is as follows:
Deadpool (Classic)

Avengers Legends with an unnamed build-a-figure, we had one new reveal for this one bringing our total known figures in this wave to three:
King Cobra
Classic Taskmaster (new reveal)

Black Panther Legends with an unnamed build-a-figure, no new news on this front. We did get to take a look at the comic side of the wave in addition there is was a carded TRU exclusive two-pack of Klaw and Shuri. The wave is as follows:
Black Bolt
Iron Man

X-Men Legends Apocalypse build-a-figure, we got a couple new exciting reveals for this wave! The lineup is still not fully revealed but looks like this now:
Tiger Stripe Wolverine
Multiple Man (new reveal)
Gladiator (new reveal)

In addition to all of these waves, we also got our first in hand look at the Walgreens Exclusive Mr. Fantastic! The Marvel Legends team was happy to let us know that not only will he have his stretchy arms, but will also include two normal arms. We asked about Thing as well, and the scoop is that Thing is coming in 2018! He is an all-new sculpt, and they expect we may get our first look around Toy Fair in February of next year!

We also got a close look at the Marvel Legends Riders who will debut next year. Black Widow and Ghost Rider look tremendous! There was a lot of discussion about where we go from here with the rider line, and most of that discussion revolved around Professor Xavier and his hover chair. It’s pretty obvious from our talks that the Marvel Legends team is fully aware of how much the fans want that set. I think our discussion eventually devolved into a proposal of an entire Professor X themed wave, but regardless they seem open to getting us an updated Professor and his flying chair. When? Who knows?

Also, as an aside Tony Stark is the Marvel Unlimited figure for 2018 and I believe people have already started getting him in their renewals.

Go ahead and check out the pictures below, it was great to actually be able to touch and mess around with the display figures. Next year is looking pretty pretty good!


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