NYCC 2017 MOTUC Super7

NYCC 2017: Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics

With the preorder window opening for the their second wave of Masters of the Universe Classics figures, Super7 had a solid showing of the upcoming first wave and the new figures. The first wave of both Classics and Club Grayskull are expected to be shipping to customers around November of this year. At their booth we got a pretty good look at the figures which are very close to production quality. Wave one consists of the following figures (of course you can always check our checklist as well):

Classics: Fangor, Quakke, Hawke, and Lodar
Filmation: Hordak, Man-At-Arms, Teela, and Tri-Klops

Wave two, which is currently up for preorder on Super7’s online store contains the following figures:

Classics: Wrap-Trap, Dylamug, Karg, and Granita
Filmation: Sorceress, Tung Lashor, Mer-Man, and Man-E-Faces


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