NYCC 2017 Storm Collectibles

NYCC 2017: Storm Collectibles

Where so many other companies have failed, Storm Collectibles is thriving! Fighting game action figure lines never seem long for this world. Yet here we are with Storm Collectibles and their robust Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat lines. Those two properties aren’t even enough for them as they’ve also now added King of Fighters and Tekken to their impressive resume. In addition to that they’ve shrunk down their 1/6 scale Mike Tyson and Hollywood Hogan figures into a 1/12 line I’ll lovingly call “Terrible Sports Entertainment People.

I’m really going to be hard pressed NOT to buy a Mike Tyson action figure …

For Street Fighter we don’t have much new, however we do get to see a handful of exclusives including the Toys R Us Blue Ken and Green M. Bison. Storm also has on hand the SDCC Exclusive White Pants Hot Ryu, NYCC Exclusive Black Pants Hot Ryu, and the NYCC Exclusive Brown GI Ryu. On display we can see the upcoming Akuma, Zangief, and Chun Li.

Moving over to Mortal Kombat. I know some of you may sigh about this, but I’m pleased as punch to see the addition of Ermac, Rain, and Smoke to the color-palette swap ninja army! Fully painted I think they look gorgeous. In addition to those guys we had unpainted prototypes of Baraka, Liu Kang, Kitana, and modern Scorpion. And behind those guys is a giant Liu Kang Fatality Dragon … I’m amazed!

Storm’s first King Of Fighters figure will be Rugal.

And the nearly complete looking Tekken figure is Heihachi Mishima.


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