First Look: Funko Mortal Kombat X 5.5" Action Figures Wave 1

First Look: Funko Savage World Mortal Kombat X 5.5″ Action Figures

Back in November, Funko announced that they would be doing an action figure line based around Mortal Kombat X. However, this isn’t the Legacy line. Funko is trying something new, and bringing back the 80’s Vintage Masters of the Universe and/or Remco 5.5-inch aesthetic. According to the case that these figures come in, the branding of this style of figure will be called “Savage World.” That seems fitting! But anyway, check out the carded shots of all eight figures. They share the same backing so I’ll only show it once in order to avoid redundancy.

First Look: Funko Mortal Kombat X 5.5

This first wave consists of five characters that should be very familiar to any Mortal Kombat enthusiast: Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kitana, Raiden, and Liu Kang. In addition to those five, there are also three “chase” variant figures: Burning Skull Head Scorpion, Mr. Cool Ice Sub-Zero, and Electric Raiden. Most of the characters also include accessories that can be held in their hands. Raiden comes with a pair of lightning bolts. Sub-Zero has an ice-hammer and ice-sword. Scorpion includes two swords. Finally, Kitana is packed with her two blade-fans.

First Look: Funko Mortal Kombat X 5.5

I have to admit, these figure surprised me! It never once dawned on me that I needed vintage-style Mortal Kombat figures, but these turned out really nice in hand. The toys are all based off of Mortal Kombat X’s character designs, which are pretty busy compared to early games. Funko did a great job simplifying the designs enough to work on the body style, but not too much as to lose the look from the game. It’s actually pretty crazy how much detailing work went into both the sculpt and the paints. The paint work, especially, is super clean and accentuates the details of these figure’s sculpts.

Silly me, I never really held on to any of my vintage Masters of the Universe figures, so I don’t have any to compare with Funko’s. However, these figures do fit nicely with Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics Point Dread playset. Castle Grayskull would also make a cool backdrop, but I couldn’t quite fit it into my light tent. These figures really work well with old vehicles and playsets of this scale, so if you have a few Battle Bones laying around these guys may breath some new life into them!

In case you aren’t familiar with the body type that these Savage World figures use, here is a quick rundown. They boast six points of articulation: cuts at the head, shoulders, and waist with ball joints where each leg attaches to the hip. They obviously aren’t super-posable, but that wasn’t what Funko was going for here. While I do think this style would lend itself even better to the early Mortal Kombat games, Funko really nailed the aesthetic even with the busier designs.

First Look: Funko Mortal Kombat X 5.5

Funko’s Savage World Mortal Kombat X series should be hitting stores around February of 2018 and will run you about $11-$14 each. If you are looking to put in some preorders, let me be of assistance:

Scorpion – Amazon
Sub-Zero – Amazon
Kitana – Amazon
Liu Kang – Amazon
Raiden – Amazon

First Look: Funko Mortal Kombat X 5.5

** Thanks to Funko for providing the Kontestants for this first look!


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