Mattel DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho, Teen Titans Wonder Girl, and DKR Wonder Woman Review

Mattel DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho, Teen Titans Wonder Girl, and DKR Wonder Woman Review

When I have holiday shopping to complete, the last thing I want to do is spend money needlessly. So a two character build-a-figure (or collect and connect as Mattel calls them) is just what the doctor ordered! At least I think. Or I guess I could just spend no money and just have forty more dollars to my name. These are dangerous and unnecessary thoughts, however.

The Dr. Psycho DC Multiverse wave by Mattel lets you build him with only two purchases: DKR Wonder Woman and Teen Titans Wonder Girl. There are also two Superfriends included in this assortment: Superman and Aquaman, but I felt no need to buy them since they do not include a part for Dr. Psycho. I suppose they could have spread things out and put an arm in each Superfriend’s packaging, but then I would have been a lot less enticed to buy this wave at all.

I’m giving Mattel a chance again because I feel like there is somebody there who cares. Everything isn’t perfect, by any means, but it feels like they are trying to improve from the mediocrity of the last few years. They still have a ways to go. I liked what I saw in this wave, and I’m even more intrigued by the future releases. Especially the upcoming Clayface wave. Mattel’s sculpts are actually very strong. I’m assuming they are still using the Four Horsemen because the style definitely feels similar. However, they really need to work on the engineering of their bodies. I feel that if they could improve the base body and articulation, the DC Multiverse line could easily compete with Marvel Legends once again. Even just adding simple things swivel-swing joints at the wrists and ankle rockers would make a world of difference.

Mattel DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho, Teen Titans Wonder Girl, and DKR Wonder Woman Review

So since this is a multiple figure review, let’s get into each character:

Wonder Woman

This “Dark Knight III: The Master Race” design for Wonder Woman isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but I do appreciate her blue and white starred biker shorts. Mattel did a pretty good job attempting to convert that style into an action figure. It would have been cool if they had included a baby in a backpack, but it probably wouldn’t have fit around her giant plastic black tuft of hair. Having Mattel articulation, it’s going to be hard to get her into those abstract Frank Miller poses everybody ragged on when the book initially came out. She would have benefited greatly from some type of ab crunch or ball joint mid-torso.

Mattel DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho, Teen Titans Wonder Girl, and DKR Wonder Woman Review

As an aside, I don’t think Frank would appreciate the paragraph of legal text they stuck on her butt. Mattel loves to mark up their plastic for some reason. Wonder Woman’s dagger also has a sizable “China” written across the blade.

Wonder Girl

While Wonder Girl does have a lasso permanently attached to the side of her hip, she’s packed with nothing else but Dr. Pyscho parts. In situations like these I question the decision to give her open hands. Why not a pair of fists? Mattel’s DC females aren’t the most posable action figures in the world, so letting me at least have them standing around with their hands on their hips would be great. That pose just doesn’t look as good with open hands.

Mattel DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho, Teen Titans Wonder Girl, and DKR Wonder Woman Review

She has the same articulation pitfalls as Wonder Woman. The one exception to that is that she does have an articulation cut mid torso, right under where her shirt cuts off. It’s an improvement but I only wish it was a ball joint with a decent range of motion.

I love the sculpt and colors of Wonder Girl, they really nailed her profile. It’s funny because the picture they use on the back of the box is a prototype that actually looks far worse than the factory produced retail figure.

Mattel DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho, Teen Titans Wonder Girl, and DKR Wonder Woman Review

Dr. Psycho

Get ready to kill your hands putting this guy together. Dr. Psycho comes in two parts: the head and legs are with Wonder Girl and the torso and arms are packed with Wonder Woman. I had a hell of a time getting those arms into the sockets and started to question why Mattel didn’t just ship the torso with the arms already inserted? They were in the same box, so why not? Once you do get him together, this little guy is about as basic as they come: ball jointed head, shoulders, and torso. Not even any wrist cuts, you are stuck with his arms exactly the way they come.

Also both of his feet don’t stay flush with the ground. I’ve found that this actually happens a lot with figures that have no leg articulation. Injection molding isn’t an exact science and the plastic certainly has the chance of warping, which is likely what happened here. Unfortunately with no articulation I’m just kind of stuck with a Dr. Psycho who either leans forward or backwards too much.

Would I recommend Mattel’s DC Multiverse Dr. Psycho Collect and Connect Wave?

I absolutely think Mattel is improving their DC figures, but they still have a ways to go. Unless you are a total fan of these characters, I’d say you are safe passing over this wave. The Dr. Psycho collect and connect is neat, but he’s a basically a three-inch statue that can’t quite stand with his feet flush to the ground.

I got both of my figures off of Amazon, click the links for Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl (as of this posting Amazon is using the wrong image for the DKR Wonder Woman, I can confirm that link is correct as it’s the one I ordered from).


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