Marvel Legends Spider-Man Lizard Series Gwenpool Review

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Lizard Series Gwenpool Review

If you haven’t been reading ‘The Unbelievable Gwenpool’ then shame on you, you are the reason that they canceled the book! I’m joking, I only started reading it when it hit Marvel Unlimited so I’m part of the problem too. It’s a really fun series of books. If you are into the more tongue-in-cheek narrative of books like ‘Nextwave‘ or ‘The Superior Foes of Spider-Man,‘ I believe you’d appreciate Gwenpool.

Gwendolyn Poole aka Gwenpool (who has no relation to Gwen Stacy or Deadpool, if that makes you feel any better) is a real person who ends up in the Marvel comic universe somehow, I don’t think it’s ever explained. She doesn’t have any powers or combat training, however being a comic nerd from her origin place she knows everything about all of the characters she runs into. She goes into being a superhero with the intent of being a good guy, but inadvertently ends up working for MODOK and teaming up with other villains. I don’t want to spoil too much, but it’s a good series and worth a read.

First off, props to Hasbro for the in-package posing. (Apologies for the lack of carded pictures, in my haste I did not remember to get shots of the boxes before I promptly trashed them. When I get my set to keep on card I’ll update the review) She’s positioned on the card with her hands together making a heart. It’s cute! While I love the posing, I’m still a bit annoyed that Hasbro still hasn’t figured out how to avoid warping the legs inward. Both Gwen and Spider-Woman are especially bad about that in this wave.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Lizard Series Gwenpool Review

Gwen comes with a decent spread of accessories, but I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed. If you like hands, she’s got you covered with three sets. She also includes two heads, two swords, and a cell phone. First off, the heads are both good but I’d probably be willing to give up the head with the tongue sticking out for an unmasked one.

Second, no guns? A big part of the comic was Gwen obliterating foes with her giant collection of firearms. It’s not a huge concern to me because I have thousands of action figures and guns aren’t hard to come by. But to somebody who maybe just wants Gwen I could see the lack of guns as disappointing. To Hasbro’s credit, they did include two hands with trigger fingers. Something they didn’t do for The Punisher, of all people. The trigger-finger hands pull double duty as the ones needed to hold her swords as well. So be careful not to stretch them out using guns designed for larger hands.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Lizard Series Gwenpool Review

The phone is just a slim piece of black plastic. A decal or something would have been nice, but I’m not too broken up over that. It does seem like a super easy thing to lose, however, so be careful and stick it in a bag or store it in the pouch on her belt.

As far as sculpt is concerned, if you are happy with the Hasbro female body then this figure should please you. There aren’t any surprises here as far as that’s concerned. She does get good range on her elbow joints, which is nice! One thing that I did notice is that the exposed skin below the knee joint is painted, and it doesn’t quite match the plastic color of the upper legs. As the figure ages and the paint fades this may get more noticeable over time.

Would I recommend Hasbro Marvel Legends Lizard Series Gwenpool?

I kind of wish I hadn’t seen the solicitation for the MAFEX Gwenpool prior to getting this one. It has led me to make unfair comparisons of a figure I own that costs $20, to a figure that will be out much later this year and will cost $70. Sure, I’d love an unmasked head and some guns, but Hasbro’s Gwenpool as it is is still a great value. Maybe I can spend the other $50 I saved on a whole arsenal of guns and a decent dinner!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Lizard Series Gwenpool Review

Gwenpool can be had on Amazon along with the rest of the Lizard build-a-figure wave.



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