Mattel DC Multiverse Rebirth Clayface Collect and Connect Review

Mattel DC Multiverse Rebirth Clayface Collect and Connect Review

Four Collect and Connects in a row? This is easily a personal record for me! I went through all of DC Universe Classics skipping every last Collect and Connect figure; including ones I really would have wanted like Solomon Grundy and Chemo. All it took was one shark, King Shark, and I was suddenly hooked. Next came The Rookie, Doctor Phsyco, and then all of a sudden I own a mini collection of Mattel C&C figures by adding Clayface to the mix.

Coincidentally, I’m currently preparing for this year’s Toy Fair while fondly recalling that Clayface was first revealed at last year’s show. That was a fun show. Mattel provided delicious drinks and snacks, and I may have indulged a little too much. Don’t believe anyone who claims I went on to make out with a Vin Diesel standee, that’s a terrible lie. I’m a professional.

Mattel DC Multiverse Rebirth Clayface Collect and Connect Review

Clayface went through a decent amount of change from that initial prototype to production. First off, the body color changed from a sandy light brown look to a darker mud that arguably could be mistaken as poop. I would not suggest placing him in a toilet. His bottom half will fill right up and you’ll be stuck shaking nasty toilet water out of his lower body for the better part of a week. The other change is that the prototype was displayed with two giant hand attachments that are nowhere to be found alongside the final version. My guess is that these will show up with some future store exclusive, similar to King Shark’s Hammerhead look.

I’m a pretty easy mark when it comes to a Clayface action figure. He’s one of those Batman villains, like the Ventriloquist, that I just fell in love with as a kid watching the Animated Series. Sure, this is the Rebirth version of the character but he’s still really neat looking.

Mattel DC Multiverse Rebirth Clayface Collect and Connect Review

Improvement is the name of the game for Mattel’s Multiverse line. I’m happy to report that two of the biggest issues I had with King Shark were remedied on Clayface. First off, ANKLE ROCKERS! Holy shit, we actually have full control over Clayface’s ankles! You have no idea how much it excites me that one of my favorite DC characters can stand flush with the ground, even in a spread-legged position. This also helps so much with balancing a character that is very top heavy. Second, his ball-jointed elbows have an incredible range of motion.

Clayface has a hinged jaw. A little detail that I really love is that he has a second row of teeth on the inside of his mouth. Unfortunately, one aspect that falls flat on this figure is neck articulation. You can spin his head in circles, but there isn’t any up or down motion. So in order to have him staring in any direction his entire body needs to be adjusted. He’s a huge figure, and I’d love it if he was able to look down on Batman or whoever else is occupying the shelf at the time.

Mattel DC Multiverse Rebirth Clayface Collect and Connect Review

Would I recommend Mattel’s DC Multiverse Collect and Connect Clayface?

I can’t recommend him enough! In order to build him, you will need to buy three decent figures and two that I could not care less about. But that’s the game you play with build-a-figures, or I’m sorry, Collect and Connects! I think Mattel really outdid themselves with Clayface. King Shark was definitely one of my favorite figures of last year, but Clayface blows him right out of the water. Where he’ll probably die. Because he’s a shark. Get it? Yeah.

Mattel DC Multiverse Rebirth Clayface Collect and Connect Review

Besides the fact that he maybe comes apart a little bit too easy, I don’t think it’s crazy to consider Clayface as one of the all-time great Mattel Collect and Connects.

In order to build Clayface you will need Batwoman, Jessica Cruz, Two-Face, Superman (not the one pictured above), and Martian Manhunter.


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