What If We Got a Second Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Legends Wave?

What If We Got a Second Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Legends Wave?

Sure, I’m way behind on these things (I still haven’t seen Dr. Strange!), but I finally got around to watching Thor: Ragnarok the other day. Yes, I’m the one person who actually waited until it hit digital before viewing it. It’s just not easy these days for me to get out and spend a few hours at a movie theater. I’m definitely becoming a big proponent of paying a premium rate to watch theater movies from the comfort of my home. I understand that this would probably never happen since it would decimate the theater business. But a man can dream, right?

Anyways, I enjoyed the movie! I also really liked the Thor-themed Hasbro Marvel Legends wave based on Ragnarok. However, after seeing the movie and looking over my Thor toys, I think we can do better. This is why I’ve come up with a second Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Legends wave, which would make me feel like we got a complete toy experience from the film.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

MCU Fenris What If We Got a Second Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Legends Wave?

Build-A-Figure – MCU Fenris

The build-a-figure for this movie isn’t easy because I could think of quite a few larger-sized characters that would fit in the spot, some I’ve even put later in the list as single releases. Some considerations were Surtur from the beginning of the movie, Korg, or even bead necklace Hulk. However, I felt that my lineup was very hero heavy, and we can’t do back-to-back Hulk build-a-figures. So what better than Hela’s own steed as the BAF? I think the only tricky part in bringing Fenris to action figure life would be that we’d have the cheat the scale a bit. He could be big, but we don’t have Toy Biz-era clam shells these days. There is only so much build-a-figure we can fit in a box.

MCU Korg What If We Got a Second Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Legends Wave?

MCU Korg with Miek Accessory – We may be pushing it with his size, but it would be a crime to never have a Marvel Cinematic Universe Korg action figure. I think he should also include Miek, and specifically Miek from the end of the movie when Korg thinks his little buddy is dead. Miek by himself can get away with being an unarticulated accessory. Once you add the scissor arms and articulation he becomes his own figure (and I have little figure plans later, so keep reading), and Korg is already probably going to eat a lot of this wave’s budget. So keep Miek simple!

Classic Thor What If We Got a Second Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Legends Wave?

Thor (Classic, Kirby) – Originally I was going to go with either a MCU Thor with the eye patch, or freshly wounded Thor. Instead, I decided we need a good comic figure to balance out this wave and a really good classic Thor based on the Kirby art would hit the spot! We’ve gotten a lot of modern versions of Thor lately, and this second Ragnarok wave seems like a great opportunity to finally give fans that classic Thor goodness.

Beta Ray Bill What If We Got a Second Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Legends Wave?

Beta Ray Bill – Hasbro has done a pretty bang-up job rendering most of the Toy Biz catalog of Marvel Legends obsolete. I’d like them to add one more to the list. The original Bill was in the MODOK build-a-figure wave and is a decent figure, but it doesn’t stand the test of time. Those arms and that finger articulation look so clunky by today’s standards. The new Omega Red body would be a great base for this character.

Throg What If We Got a Second Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Legends Wave?

Throg: Frog of Thunder – If we’re getting a Spider-Ham later this year, then we sure as hell need to make room for Throg! I’m not asking for much packed into his card, as he can house the largest parts of Fenris. All that I really want is a decently articulated Thor-frog with his version of Mjolnir. Sorry Hasbro, you set a precedent here. Maybe not today, but eventually I will require all of the Pet Avengers!

MCU Grandmaster What If We Got a Second Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Legends Wave?

MCU Grandmaster – Sure Funko may have already announced THE greatest Jeff Goldblum action figures to ever see plastic, but we still need more. We are on borrowed time with this man and the more ways we can immortalize him in plastic, the better. The Grandmaster doesn’t really need to be packed with much, but should include his melting stick. I’d maybe suggest an extra head that’s making a goofy face, but in reality I’d be pretty satisfied by just getting the Grandmaster in any form.

Executioner - What If We Got a Second Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Legends Wave?

MCU Executioner – Bones really nailed the part of Skurge, Hela’s reluctant sidekick. He should include his Executioner axe as well as Des and Troy, his trusty assault rifles. While we still don’t have a comic version of the character, my vote is still going towards the Karl Urban rendition of the character. With Fenris as the build-a-figure of this wave, Executioner perfectly completes Hela’s crew.

MCU Heimdall What If We Got a Second Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Legends Wave?

MCU Heimdall – I went into the movie fairly cold to spoilers, I even made it to the DVD release! So it shocked me a little bit to see that Idris Elba had such a large role in the movie after being very publicly critical of his part in the second Thor movie’s reshoots. I had figured after the second Thor he may have been “Terrence Howarded.” Turns out he wasn’t! He’s back and even lost the dumb helmet. With the Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary line giving us Sif, it’s only fair that Heimdall round out the MCU Thor posse.

In conclusion, I think this is an ideal wave to satisfy both comic fans and fill out the Marvel Cinematic Universe ranks as well. Comic fans will get two very high wants with Classic Thor and Throg, while also getting a really nice redo in Beta Ray Bill. As far as the MCU side is concerned, I thought it best to stay away from the main characters, as they had their wave. Instead we get a really solid collection of supporting cast.

What say you? Let me know what you think.


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  1. I just saw the movie myself over the weekend…..Awesome! i was actually surprised how entertaining it was. i would be down for this second wave of figures in a heartbeat. Never understand how they can have so many characters in a film but never make them. Even pivotal characters get the shaft. Would love for them to maybe do something like MattyCollector did and have a service like the DC Signature series to get more of these MCU characters out there. Great choices for a second wave regardless!

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