Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-77 Gipsy Danger Review

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-77 Gipsy Danger Review

With Gipsy Danger being my first Soul of Chogokin figure, there was a lot to take in here!

But before we get into the figure, let’s get into the why. If you’ve followed my collecting for any period of time I was really into the NECA Pacific Rim line. It was expansive and certainly ambitious for NECA. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but towards the end I started losing interest. Maybe it was the C and D-tier Jaegers. Possibly it was the twentieth Gipsy Danger variant. Or perhaps it was the random arm or leg that would snap off when I reposed the figures. Whatever the case, I eventually packed up and sold a majority of them to our own David Boyce, who I hope got some enjoyment out of them. The rest of the Gipsy variants he didn’t want have been sitting in my toy show sale bin for quite some time because nobody really seems to care about them.

So the second movie is coming out this month. And in all honesty the trailers aren’t doing much for me. I don’t feel the weight, world building, and just general attention to detail that Guillermo del Toro brings to the screen. Of course, I’ll still go watch it. Those Robot Spirits figures are pretty incredible, especially for the price they managed to get them down to. I’ve messed around with Gipsy Avenger and have to say that the $20 price tag is a steal. But I have no urge to collect an expansive roster of Jaegers from the sequel. At least not yet, anyway.

I’ve waffled on the Soul of Chogokin Gipsy Danger since the day it was announced. It’s gorgeous, but damn it’s expensive too. So naturally the thing that put me over the edge was the ability to spend even more money! As soon as I got to see SOC’s Crimson Typhoon in person, I was sold, and immediately went and put in my order in for Gipsy. I believe that I know what I want now. I don’t need a large Pacific Rim collection, I just want a set of high-quality Jaegers from the first movie. If we get Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon, Striker Eureka, and Cherno Alpha or any combination of those four, it would be the perfect collection for me. I could just stop there and be completely fulfilled as far as a Pacific Rim collection goes.

SOC Gipsy Danger is just about perfectly on model as far as I can tell. She is also quite heavy, being that she’s primarily built from metal and die-cast parts. The articulation scheme is pretty wild, as there are just so many moving parts. It can certainly feel overwhelming, and if it does you always have the option to just display her on her hangar stand. A neat little inclusion is that there are parts on the chest and legs that slide back and forth as you move her appendages.

Gipsy comes with a complete set of accessories including wrist-swords, extended whip versions of the wrist-swords, the boat, two extra pairs of hands, two arm plasma cannons, a hangar-style base, and on top of all of that the batteries ARE included! All of these accessories are great, but you have no clue how much I appreciate SOC including the required batteries with the purchase. That is class personified on their part. I’ve had the opposite experience with ThreeA purchases in the past. My hideously expensive figure will arrive and then I’ll be forced to head out to Walmart in order to find some obscure hearing aid battery to make its light functions work. Not with Gipsy Danger! Everything is included in the box.

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-77 Gipsy Danger Review

While an incredible, almost museum quality figure, not everything is candy canes and rainbows here. The cannons are unbelievably frustrating to work with because the removable parts are very easy to knock off. They are built this way so that you can insert the batteries into the arms. However, they are in a spot that you pretty much need to grip in order to pose her, and any amount of pressure will knock them right off. I’ve found it’s just best that if those parts pop off while posing to just leave them off until you’ve found your desired pose.

I’m not sure if it was just my luck of the draw, but the hips were really tight and I needed to loosen them up a bit in order to get their full range of motion. They work much better now, but at first it was a little bit scary.

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-77 Gipsy Danger Review

Would I recommend Soul of Chogokin Gipsy Danger?

That would really depend on what you are looking for. Soul of Chogokin Gipsy Danger is the best of the best, and you likely aren’t ever going to see a more accurate version of the Jaeger as a fully articulated action figure. But of course that comes with a roughly $250 asking price. If that price sounds reasonable to you, I think you’ll enjoy this one and I highly recommend it. There is certainly a bit of fiddliness to Gipsy, but there sort of has to be in order to do all of its functions as one figure.

If the price is too high (which is completely understandable) there are other options such as the Robot Spirits Pacific Rim line. Unfortunately, that line is currently only focused on the second film.

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-77 Gipsy Danger Review

I imported this figure, however Bluefin is distributing her in the United States and can currently be preordered on Amazon.


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