Marvel Legends Deadpool Sauron BAF Series Deadpool in Boxers Review

Marvel Legends Deadpool Sauron BAF Series Deadpool in Boxers Review

Looking back now, I was lucky to have dodged a $100 bullet when I bailed on last year’s DX Figma Deadpool. At the time that the Figma was solicited Marvel’s mutant embargo had only recently been lifted, and nobody expected Hasbro would announce a dedicated Deadpool wave, let alone two! Figma’s Wade Wilson wasn’t anything special, but the deluxe version did come with an alternate bottom half, so you could display him in his boxers. It was a pretty unique look that I never though we would be domestically.

Well Hasbro sure proved me wrong!

In all honesty, I expected a movie Deadpool before a pants-less one. A movie version would still be great, but I’m aware it’s still a touchy subject for some reason.

From the silly in-box pose to the pink fuzzy slippers, it seems as though the Hasbro Marvel Legends team had a fun time with this one. For a variant, there is a ton of new tooling here as the head and everything from the waist down is new. With this release we finally get the half-masked Wade face as well! Now this figure can join Pizza Spidey on my shelf dedicated to superheroes with their masks pulled half way up their faces. The back of the box displays Deadpool’s two guns cast in purple plastic, thankfully the final product is black because I don’t need any more Nerf guns in my superhero arsenal.

While I’m sure it’s just a case of reuse, the belt is a bit of a head-scratcher for me. It has a holster for a smaller sized pistol that isn’t included with the figure. And my other problem (or nitpick) is that the grenades weren’t painted, so they are just the brown color of the plastic. I suppose the paint budget was exhausted on everything below the belt.

Marvel Legends Deadpool Sauron BAF Series Deadpool in Boxers Review

I’m conflicted on the decision to place him in that lounging pose inside the box. I love that fact that he’s laid back, relaxing there with Sauron’s upper body and head as if they were best buds. If I was the type to keep the my pants-less Deadpools carded, it would be perfect. However, the plastic tray that holds him in place also ends up warping the joints. Compared to the 100’s of bow-legged Marvel Legends women I’ve purchased in the past due to this very issue, Deadpool didn’t fare too bad. His right elbow is warped and slightly loose. I can probably pose him with his hands to the side and the plastic will eventually correct itself.

Marvel Legends Deadpool Sauron BAF Series Deadpool in Boxers Review

Would I suggest Marvel Legends Deadpool Sauron BAF Series Deadpool in Boxers?

I was going to buy this anyway because Sauron has been my number one most-wanted X-Men villain in Marvel Legends for well over a decade. That said, I think my attitude towards this release has changed since the original unveiling. Originally I was over the sheer number of Deadpool figures we were getting this year so this one did nothing for me. However, now having him in hand I realize that it isn’t often that we get a straight up fun version of a character. I appreciate that Marvel Legends is such a healthy line that Hasbro can put out a character in their boxer shorts. It’s crazy how far this action figure series has come.

Marvel Legends Deadpool Sauron BAF Series Deadpool in Boxers Review

I found this entire wave at Target. They seem to be doing their August resets and I must have lucked out coming upon a full case on the pegs. That said, our sponsor Entertainment Earth is also selling cases of this wave, so you don’t even need to leave the house!


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