SDCC 2018: Hasbro Marvel Legends Breakfast Reveals

On the first day of San Diego Comic Convention we get a sneak peek at what to look forward to from the different Hasbro brands at their annual breakfast event. First off, the breakfast was spectacular. Second, we get our first look at an all new Black Panther wave coming Fall 2018! This entire wave will be movie based and include what has been revealed so far at the show:

MCU Black Panther (Civil War outfit with a new Chadwick Boseman head)
MCU T’Chaka
MCU Klaue
MCU Shuri (The figure was not revealed, but a black silhouette was in her place)

In addition to the Black Panther wave reveal, we get our first look at two more Marvel Legends Vintage Series figures for 2018! Being the year that ‘Ant Man and the Wasp’ hit theaters, it’s only appropriate that his wave will include Ant-Man and The Wasp. Both of these figure will include a mini version of their counterpart.

SDCC 2018: Hasbro Marvel Legends Breakfast Reveals

As an added bonus, the color scheme for Wasp will look familiar to Toy Biz era Marvel Legends collectors. It’s a reference to the canceled Wasp variant in Toy Biz’s Marvel Legends Series 15.


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