SDCC 2018: Hasbro Marvel Legends Complete Rundown

SDCC 2018: Hasbro Marvel Legends Complete Rundown

What a year for Marvel Legends fans! I’ve got a hell of a task ahead of me updating the Marvel Legends Checklist, but for now, let’s get a complete rundown of all of the Hasbro Marvel Legends reveals from San Diego Comic Convention 2018:


Marvel Legends Vintage Series Wave 2 – Fall 2018

Black Panther
Scarlet Spider
Vision (With Classic Ultron Head)
Ant-Man (With Mini Wasp)
Wasp (With Mini Ant-Man, Blue Deco from Cancelled Toy Biz Version)

Black Panther Movie Series 2 – Fall 2018

M’Baku Build-A-Figure
Black Panther (Civil War Suit, Updated Real Scan Head)
Black Panther (Vibranium Effect Suit)
T’Chaka (Black Panther Suit)
Erik Killmonger (Tactical Suit)
Ayo (With 2 Additional Heads to Make Other Dora Milaje)

batch_MARVEL X-MEN LEGENDS SERIES Figure (Archangel) - in pkg

Archangel (With 3 Heads, Clamp Arm for Apocalypse) – December 2018 PREORDER NOW!

AIM Scientist and Shock Trooper Two-Pack – August 2018 PREORDER NOW!

MCU 10th Anniversary Ultron – December 2018 PREORDER NOW!

X-Men Days of Future Past Wolverine vs Sentinel – Fall 2018 Amazon Exclusive

Into the Spiderverse Miles Morales vs Spider-Gwen – Fall 2018 Target Exclusive

Gamerverse PS4 Spider-Man РFall 2018 Gamestop Exclusive


On to 2019! No official dates have been placed on these yet, but I’d assume they will fill in the first two quarters of the year. While it may seem light at the moment, with the momentum we got this year I imagine that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Marvel Riders 2019 Wave 1

Deadpool, Deadpool Dog, and Deadpool Squirrel on Vespa
Professor X in Hoverchair

X-Men Legends 2019 Wave 1 (Professor X was originally teased as part of the wave, but it looks like it was just a preview for his Rider figure)


Spider-Man 2019 Wave 1

Kingpin Build-A-Figure
Red Goblin
Silver Sable

Magik (Reissue/Redeco of SDCC Version with New Accessories) – Walgreens Exclusive

Captain Marvel 2019 Wave 1

Genis-Vell Captain Marvel

Hercules (No Idea Where he Actually Fits in Wave-Wise)


SDCC 2018 Hasbro Marvel Legends Slides Sneak Peeks

Looks to be Magneto, Secret Empire Cap, and uhhhhhhhh …

SDCC 2018 Hasbro Marvel Legends Slides Sneak Peeks

Mystique and Quicksilver?

Well that about does it for Hasbro Marvel Legends reveals at San Diego Comic Convention 2018! Stay tuned as I’ll also have reviews coming up in the next week or so for both of their exclusive sets including the Defenders and Red Skull.

Also, HUGE shoutout to Matt over at AwesomeToyBlog who is always willing to help a brother out with some convention pictures. Go check comment, like, and subscribe him NOW!




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