Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics Filmation Holiday He-Man Review

Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics Filmation Holiday He-Man Review

Christmas and holiday-themed action figures are a very easy way to get my full attention. So naturally, when Super7 teased a seasonal exclusive, it got my blood pumping. Could it be Santa He-Man? Could it be smiling Skeletor? Is it possible that either of them come with Relay? Well, unfortunately, I may have set my expectations a little high when it turned out to just be He-Man with a Santa hat and candy cane sword. Which realistically is fine for something that I didn’t know existed two weeks ago and now own. Sometimes I let the “what could have been” cloud my judgment of what actually is.

Holiday He-Man is a small run variant with limited tooling. I’d have to guess that if Super7 actually went for a full Santa He-Man, they would have opened up proerders to maximize sales in order to account for the new mold. But hey! At least this one comes with the correct Filmation Power Sword! (*cough coughLaughing Prince Adam *cough cough*)

Sometimes I’m hesitant to do a review on an action figure that is already long sold out, especially one that I know a lot of people missed. This wasn’t like a Kickstarter or presale where fans had a timeframe to put in an order. Holiday He-Man was a limited production run that was already in Super7’s warehouse and ready to ship. Once it was sold out, it was gone. There was also some alleged fuckery with people abusing the figure limits using multiple orders. This was addressed and that is why they put up a second chance sale which, as expected, sold through almost instantly.

So how is the actual figure? Holiday He-Man is mostly fine. My figure has a little bit of paint rub-off from the loincloth on his right leg. The glossy flesh plastic is in full effect. I’m not bothered by this too much, but it does make his nose a little translucent which throws his face off. Instead of looking like Filmation’s He-Man, his thin nose gives him a resemblance to the late great Christopher Reeve.

All of the joints feel fine. The seamless Marvel Legends style ankles are appreciated. He’s missing that upward hinge on his right wrist which helps him hold aloft his magic candy cane sword. Also, his sword’s back holster is facing the wrong direction (he grabs the sword with his right hand!), and the holster doesn’t appear to spin like the first Filmation He-Man’s.

Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics Filmation Holiday He-Man Review

Would I suggest Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics Holiday He-Man?

I wouldn’t lose sleep over missing this release. I understand that it’s easy for the guy who has the figure in hand to say this. However, this isn’t Santa He-Man or Skeletor with Relay. The best part of this release is the Masters of the Universe wrapping paper. In fact, I like the paper so much that I really hope Super7 eventually sells rolls of it.

Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics Filmation Holiday He-Man Review

Holiday He-Man isn’t a figure I necessarily love or hate. He’s fine. It’s just nothing that I would overpay for. Should they do a follow-up preorder for a second run? Again, as a person who owns the figure, I probably shouldn’t make that call. However, I think for what it is, it’s best to be left alone. Had they actually put together a full Santa suit or included Relay, then a second run should definitely happen.

Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics Filmation Holiday He-Man Review

I don’t think this will turn into a Baby Skeletor situation where the figure sells out, balloons in price, and then never comes back down. I think the market will cool on this one. Tempers will subside as people move on and realize how unessential the figure is. Plus, Super7 could always do a reissue next year!


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