Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Kingpin BAF Wave Red Goblin Review

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Kingpin BAF Wave Red Goblin Review

There’s always that Marvel Legends wave slated for the next year that ultimately ends up sliding in right before January. Last year it was the Black Panther themed Okoye build-a-figure wave. This year, there appears to be three 2019 waves hitting stores at this very moment: Black Panther M’Baku BAF wave, Captain Marvel Kree Sentry BAF wave, and the Spider-Man Kingpin BAF wave. Way to give us a little breather after the holidays, Hasbro!

As a New Year’s resolution for myself, I’m not going out of my way to obtain action figures early. However, I put in a preorder with Entertainment Earth at the beginning of December, and right before Christmas I got my shipping notice. The case showed up today, and I’m excited to have a new set of Spider-Man guys to mess around with a short bit before their “official” release date.

For those unfamiliar with the Red Goblin he’s essentially the fusion of Green Goblin and the Carnage Symbiote. If you didn’t make the connection before, you’ll totally get it now. That Norman Osborn is a daring and incredibly stupid man!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Kingpin BAF Wave Red Goblin Review

For a figure of a character that I have somewhat limited knowledge of, he’s fairly satisfying. Hasbro did a good job with the head sculpt and profile. Red Goblin is definitely a more unique look, and while the sculpt is great the paint lets it down a bit. I’m not sure what reference art they used, but his lower jaw should be all black as far as I can tell. In addition to that, I think he would have benefitted from having his eyes in a side-glance. Hasbro went for the straight-forward look and unfortunately, I think they spaced the pupils ever so slightly too far apart which makes him look more like a muppet than a horrific killer-demon-symbiote.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Kingpin BAF Wave Red Goblin Review

Hasbro is super sparing with when they choose to use wireframe bendy material. Norman’s tail would have been a great place to use one, sadly. Instead, it’s stuck in a static position. The chosen position of the tail isn’t all that bad as it doesn’t really get in the way of posing and adds some extra balance. However, I still like options and I think that’s a big miss here. Also, no glider? Tisk tisk!

As far as accessories go, he does come with a single symbiote pumpkin bomb, a back tendril, and Kingpin’s right leg. The back part is nothing new, but I do appreciate that they added various tendrils to the sculpt instead of relying solely on paint. They probably could have gone a little heavier on the blacks, especially around his back.

Would I suggest Marvel Legends Red Goblin?

Goblin is a fun and unique look that I’m way into. This whole wave is interesting as it can get quite obscure with no real big headliner besides Kingpin. And yes, I count new as obscure because a good majority (myself included) of comic fans don’t always keep up with modern Marvel books. I think that had they included his kick-ass glider, I wouldn’t have even hesitated to suggest him. As it stands I still recomen him, but with a little less enthusiasm.

As I mentioned earlier, I got my case of this wave over at our sponsor, Entertainment Earth.


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