Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Kingpin BAF Wave Six-Armed Spider-Man Review

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Kingpin BAF Wave Six-Armed Spider-Man Review

This last year has proven to be pretty great for multi-armed action figures. Off the top of my head, Storm Collectibles’ Goro, Bossfight Studio’s Deadeye Duck, and Hasbro’s Rio Durante were released in 2018. It’s not going to stop with Six-Armed Spider-Man, either. Preorders just went up Star Wars Black’s General Grievous, so come March this trend will continue!

Six-Armed Spider-Man is packed at two per case and does not include a Kingpin build-a-figure part. So he’s an easy skip if you just aren’t into him. He doesn’t actually include any accessories. Not that this is uncommon with Marvel Legends, however, press photos did originally show two alternate red hands in the left corner of the plastic tray. It would have been nice to include them so that my Spider-Man doesn’t develop arthritis for eternally being in the “thwipp” pose. Some open hands would have been fun options for the extra sets of arms, but I’m okay with the fists.

Yes, the speculation was correct that he uses the “Amazing Spider-Man 2” movie body, specifically the upper arms, legs, and head. Although it is textured and designed to match the other parts, his torso is an all-new tool to accommodate the extra arms. The mid-section is also the biggest point of contention with the figure as it has no ab crunch or waist swivel.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Kingpin BAF Wave Six-Armed Spider-Man Review

His torso lacking those joints does indeed suck, there is no getting around that. However, taking a closer look at that body, I’m not entirely sure where they could have cut any of that articulation in. First off the ASM2 body, similar to the Pizza Spidey, is very long in the torso already. They crammed the three sets of arms in tight, and built the body outward in the back to accommodate them a bit. Even with the arms in there snug, the bottom set of shoulders still go well below the line where the waistline could be. With all that, just try and find a place where they could effectively add an ab crunch. I just don’t see how any torso articulation is happening unless maybe they push out the back more, similar to Spiral.

While I don’t really have a problem with this release, it feels like this is leading towards a future Doppelganger or Man-Spider figure. Which would be awesome. However, if I’m being honest here, either character would be a bit of a disappointment using this torso. I’d want them to at least be able to hunch forward a bit. Am I being realistic? I’m not entirely sure.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Kingpin BAF Wave Six-Armed Spider-Man Review

Would I suggest Marvel Legends Six-Armed Spider-Man?

I’m going to go ahead and say “yes.” Six-Armed Spider-Man is a really fun action figure. And while the toy isn’t perfect, this type of venturing off the beaten path should be encouraged! He’s bright, he’s got lots of arms to mess with, so what’s not to love here?

You can currently pick up Marvel Legends Six-Armed Spider-Man at Amazon. Or if you want a case in order to build Kingpin (word of warning Spider-Man comes two per case) then head on over to Entertainment Earth.


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