Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Kingpin BAF Wave Silver Sable Review

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Kingpin BAF Wave Silver Sable Review

The Silver Sable character is getting a bit of a push lately with Sony’s Spider-Man video game making her a pretty major character in the main story and DLC. She was also supposed to get a movie starring herself and Black Cat, but that was canceled. They claim that the two of them will each get solo movies, but I put about as much stock in that as I do ever seeing the Channing Tatum Gambit film.

Anyways, it seems appropriate that both Sable and Black Cat show up in this latest Marvel Legends wave. Sure their movie may be in permanent limbo, but casual fans are now getting more familiar with them due to their video game roles. Hasbro gotta strike while that iron is hot! And I suppose if we were being perfectly honest, we wouldn’t get any toys from those hypothetical movies regardless since they won’t be made by the darling movie studio, Disney.

She reuses the same midsection as Dagger from the SP//dr (bet you all are quite a bit more familiar with him now, aren’t you?) wave. This abdomen has two belly buttons for reasons unknown. Otherwise, it’s a good fit for Silver Sable. Her right wrist hinges up and down while the left goes side to side. I’m still not completely sold on the up and down hinge used for gun-holding hands. I feel like I get a lot more utility out of the side-to-side wrist hinges.

Eyes! Dammit, the eyes aren’t quite on target. Not as bad as Black Cat (who we’ll get to later), but still annoying.

Silver Sable’s body looks like it will make a pretty good temporary home for the Lilandra head that is packed with the upcoming Walgreens exclusive Mystique. Perhaps there is a figure out there that can provide her a blue cape? So even if you aren’t a fan of Sable, she still may be of some use if that head ends up being, in fact, just a head.

Would I suggest Marvel Legends Silver Sable?

It’s incredible to think that we’ve gone over 15 years of Marvel Legends without a single Silver Sable action figure. Hasbro really should start printing those “First in the Line” banners on the cards of new Legends like Mattel puts on WWE figures that haven’t been done yet. It would really drive home that even with how extensive Marvel Legends is as a toy line, there is so much untapped potential still out there.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Kingpin BAF Wave Silver Sable Review

Oh, and yes of course get Silver Sable!

She’s currently available on Amazon. And, as always, if you want the whole wave in order to build Kingpin, then Entertainment Earth has cases for sale.


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