Jazwares Fortnite 3 3/4-inch Series 2 Calamity Review

Jazwares Fortnite 3 3/4-inch Series 2 Calamity Review

Lately, I’ve been struggling a bit with my collecting habits. Not to get too deep into it but basically, I’ve found that a lot of the toy lines that I collect aren’t really bringing me the enjoyment I’m looking for. Some of it is a sense of obligation to properties that I’ve collected for a long time, and another part is just getting wrapped up in the hype of announcements and preorders (which is really easy to do, running a toy site and all). That indifference has made it difficult to really sit down and get a decent review or anything out on the site.

Thankfully, Jazwares came to the rescue with a new round of Fortnite figures. Which make myself, and my best friend Korg very happy.

Fortnite is an anomaly as far as my collecting habits go. I was aware of the game but not really into playing it when I started grabbing Jazwares’ 3 3/4-inch toy line last December. I was drawn in with how well made, colorful, and full of character each these toys are. Also, my kid is into the game, and it’s nice to have a collection that we can both play around with.

Jazwares Fortnite 3 3/4-inch Series 2 Calamity Review

Calamity is part of the second wave of 3 3/4-inch figures. I have to make this distinction now because Jazwares is expanding their license to include 6-inch toys as well (which I’m pretty pumped about as well, the more crazy skins we get, the better). Calamity is joined by Skull Trooper, Dark Bomber, Battle Hound, Toxic Trooper, Havoc, and The Visitor.

Jazwares Fortnite 3 3/4-inch Series 2 Calamity Review

She includes the “Reckoning” pickaxe and a single wood building part that can also be used as a stand. The single packed figures don’t include guns, but I’d like to track down an in-scale double barrel shotgun to complete the look.

The amount of detail they jammed into this little figure is impressive, to say the least. Nothing was missed, from the spurs on the back of her boots to sculpted tassels on her legs, to the cowboy hat lined with bullets. The sculpts in general with this line have been strong, but this one might be the best to date. Jazwares made a smart choice using very soft plastic for the long coat. Her coat never really hinders the articulation underneath.

She’s a great little cowgirl action figure.

Jazwares Fortnite 3 3/4-inch Series 2 Calamity Review

Would I suggest Jazwares Fortnite 3 3/4-inch Calamity?

Yes! I’ve probably mentioned it before, but this is the closest we’re going to get to a proper modern GI Joe line. I’d even go as far as to say that these are actually better-made toys as well.

Jazwares Fortnite 3 3/4-inch Series 2 Calamity Review

I found Calamity at Walmart. However, Amazon already has a large selection of Fortnite 3 3/4-inch figures and I’m sure this new wave will find its way there soon enough.


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