Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Archive Wave 2 Yoda Review

Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Archive Wave 2 Yoda Review

I’m a big fan of the Star Wars Black Series Archive collection. One of the biggest benefits of this line is that it brings back some of those older figures that have been out of print for a while and command large aftermarket prices. In addition to that, it enables Hasbro to improve on their past work with their photo real technology.

The first Archive Wave was very bounty hunter centric because Boba Fett, IG-88, and Bossk were released very early in the line. It also included X-Wing Luke who was part of the very first Star Wars Black Series wave in 2013. The second wave, which has begun hitting stores now, brings us a couple of figures I actually never owned: Yoda and Anakin. In addition to them, Darth Maul and the Scout Trooper (minus the speeder) round out the four figure wave.

I skipped Black Series Yoda the first time. No regrets here, it wasn’t a great figure. The Archive version still isn’t the best toy since it’s the same mold, but that photo real face print makes a huge difference. The giant painted white eyes of the original release were bad then, but the new face makes it look shameful in retrospect. It just goes to show that the sculpts were almost always there, but the paint killed them every time.

Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Archive Wave 2 Yoda Review

Having not owned the previous Yoda, the body surprised me quite a bit! They fit a lot more articulation under those soft goods than I ever expected. Short of the lack of knees, there’s a fully articulated Star Wars Black Series figure there. I’m not a big fan of soft goods but I found that his belt allows you to bring his cloak in a bit and hold it in place. This way he doesn’t end up looking like he’s wearing a big burlap sack.

Yoda comes with a few accessories: his lightsaber, cane, a snake, and his blissl (the black instrument around his neck). Obviously, this isn’t the prequel version of Yoda, so while the inclusion of the lightsaber is appreciated, ultimately you will be killed by Original Trilogy purists if you display him with it. Don’t attempt to analyze the snake too much, it’s just included as a cute reference to the vintage figure.

Would I suggest Star Wars Black Series Archive Collection Yoda?

If you own the original Yoda, just go right ahead and throw that thing in the trash. That face printing makes such a difference that it isn’t even close. There’s a new Yoda in town! He’ll be my one and only 1/12 scale Yoda … at least until the Figuarts one gets here. And even then, he’s still going to be the only Dagobah Yoda, which will go great with that Dagobah Luke that got voted on by the fans. Yes, the entire Star Wars universe was available to vote on and we, as a community, chose another Luke.

Yoda is currently showing up at Target stores across the United States, which is where I found this one. However, you can also keep an eye on Amazon as he tends to come in and out of stock.


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