Marvel Medicom MAFEX No. 083 Evil Gwenpool Review

Marvel Medicom MAFEX No. 083 Evil Gwenpool Review

Medicom’s MAFEX action figure line has really evolved over the last few years from something I couldn’t care less about into a bit of an event every time a new figure is announced. In general, I think they’ve been producing some of the best-designed import figures currently on the market. Mind you, they haven’t all been perfect (Infinity War Iron Spider-Man’s QC issues certainly evoke memories of MAFEX’s dark past), but for the most part, all of my recent acquisitions have been very good.

MAFEX Gwenpool was easily one of my top ten figure purchases of last year. Since then, MAFEX has built a bit of a “Gweniverse” around her, including characters that use the designs from her short-lived books such as Deadpool, Evil Gwenpool, and the upcoming Miles Morales. Sadly, the “Gweniverse” is probably coming to an end since it looks as though Medicom’s comic focus has shifted to the X-Men.

It’s a shame that Gwenpool never could successfully anchor a book. Her solo series lasted 25 issues, and then shortly after she joined the West Coast Avengers who only made it to 10. I haven’t had a chance to check out the West Coast Avengers, but I found her solo book short-lived but delightful. When it’s all said and done, I’m glad we got an Evil Gwenpool. There isn’t a Marvel Legend of her. Hell, there hasn’t even been one announced yet. I believe this is the first time that an import company beat Hasbro to the punch on a character.

Evil Gwenpool comes with a lot of great accessories including a stand (you know, that one that’s always taped to the back of the plastic tray), an extra head, three extra sets of hands, a mini Gwenpool, a hand to hold the mini Gwenpool, two swords, a pair of hands holding floating comic pages, and two floating comic page props. MAFEX is also rewarding owners of the original Gwenpool with a new head that has longer hair (signifying that she’s older) and the watch she uses to count down the pages until her end.

Marvel Medicom MAFEX No. 083 Evil Gwenpool Review

Oh, and a cape! Her cape has a wireframe lining which is tremendous! It’s great to work with and makes me very excited for MAFEX’s upcoming Hush Batman figure.

Marvel Medicom MAFEX No. 083 Evil Gwenpool Review

Surprisingly Evil Gwen is a good bit taller than the original MAFEX Gwenpool. If you were under the assumption that she was a simple repaint, well, she isn’t.

Marvel Medicom MAFEX No. 083 Evil Gwenpool Review

Would I suggest MAFEX Evil Gwenpool?

I absolutely would because I’m a fan of the Gwenpool character and her supporting cast. It’s also really nice to get high-quality artist specific Marvel action figures. For better or worse, Marvel Legends has a specific style and they tend not to deviate too far from it. Everything about this release is pretty stellar, from the accessories down to the build of the figure. I understand that MAFEX figures can get expensive, but this figure absolutely warrants the cost. Maybe grab a few Gwenpool trades and read up on her as well.

Marvel Medicom MAFEX No. 083 Evil Gwenpool Review


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