Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Series Korg and Grandmaster 2-Pack Review

Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Series Korg and Grandmaster 2-Pack Review

I’m sure Hasbro had some grand plans to announce when we could start buying the 80th Anniversary series figures, but it turns out distribution had other ideas. Figures from this series have begun showing up in comic shops, Toys R Us Canada, and just about everywhere but the internet; the place I prefer to buy my toys.

A little over a year ago, I created a hypothetical second Thor: Ragnarok Marvel Legends wave. The movie was so rich with original characters that it was a shame it was limited to the one Gladiator Hulk build-a-figure wave and a 2-pack. This has finally been remedied with the 80th Anniversary series going pretty hard on Thor and the Ragnarok movie. My proposed wave was as follows:

Build-A-Figure: FenrisThis was always a long shot and probably won’t ever happen.
Korg with MiekWe got Korg! Didn’t get Miek but I think there’s always a chance.
Thor, Classic KirbySure enough he’s a single packed release in the 80th line, about damn time!
Beta Ray BillGot a great Bill as part of the Endgame Hulk BAF wave.
Throg: Frog of ThunderCan’t win them all, I suppose.
GrandmasterNot only do we get one in the 2-pack I’m reviewing but he will also be featured as part of an SDCC exclusive pairing with The Collector. You can never have enough Goldblum.
ExecutionerHonestly, I didn’t see us realistically getting this one and I’m so glad I was wrong! Skurge will be in a 2-pack with an updated Hela, and I’m pleased to find out that Des and Troy will be included as well.
HeimdallThis is probably the most surprising omission to the Thor MCU collection. Still no Heimdall. At this point, I think if he was going to happen it would have already.

Of course, now that we have a base mold for Korg, it would be criminal not to do a set of him, thicc Thor, and Miek hanging in New Asgard playing Fortnite. Perhaps next year’s SDCC exclusive set? Please? Hasbro?

As you can see, the Korg and Grandmaster set have begun to hit stores. This is only the beginning because there is a lot of Marvel Legends products about to drop in the next couple of months. So how is this appetizer to the oncoming onslaught? Pretty good. Pretty, pretty good!

Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Series Korg and Grandmaster 2-Pack Review

First off, Korg is deceptively large. He’s not proportioned like Thing with thick legs and arms, instead, he’s built like a really large person. Made of rock, of course. He stands toe to toe with build-a-figure Hulk, which is a really large figure. Like Hulk, his ab crunch has incredible range. Korg’s right hand can hold his club or a gun if you can find one of an appropriate size (some of the McFarlane Toys Fortnite figures’ weapons work pretty well with him, he can’t actually put his fingers on the trigger but that’s what angles are for). His left hand is open, which allows him to hold things are wave like the delightful character he is.

Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Series Korg and Grandmaster 2-Pack Review

Finally, the detail on this figure is exceptional. We’ve come so far with movie figures in Marvel Legends that I’m adding film realistic rock-man and Jeff Goldblum from Thor: Ragnarok to my collection.

The Grandmaster release may have been upstaged by the San Diego Comic Convention set, but we’ll get into that later. Our first Jeff Goldblum Marvel Legends figure looks fantastic! The faceprint is very clean and his hair is a separate molded part so there is no paint slop running off onto his head, ruining that glorious Goldblum visage.

All of the lovely, weird, details are accounted for including the blue finger and toe nail paint. Interestingly enough, his robe comes off. Unfortunately, he doesn’t look right without it since his left sleeve matches the robe. Another nice touch with the robe is that the sculpted it trail behind him on the ground. It’s such a simple detail that could easily go wrong and completely throw off the figure’s balance, but in this case it lays perfectly.

Would I suggest the Marvel Legends Korg and Grandmaster 2-Pack?

This is a really strong set that I would highly recommend, however, that depends on how much each character means to you. If you aren’t really interested in Korg, I’d suggest waiting for the SDCC set since Grandmaster comes with a smiling head sculpt and blue melted ectoplasm. And if for some reason you end up missing the San Diego set, this is an easy fallback since it will probably hit a discount at some point (almost all of the MCU First 10 Years sets did last year).

There isn’t an official online release for this set as of publication, but I’d suggest following our twitter account as we generally try to keep people informed of new action figure preorders and deals online. My guess is that most of these 80th Anniversary sets will be in stores and online by SDCC.


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