Jazwares Fortnite 6-inch Legendary Series Wave 2 DJ Yonder Review

Jazwares Fortnite 6-inch Legendary Series Wave 2 DJ Yonder Review

The second wave of Jazwares 6-inch Fortnite collection is slowly making its ways into collector’s hands and I couldn’t be happier! Going by the back of the box, this wave will include DJ Yonder, Abstrakt, Tomatohead, Valkyrie, Jonesy, and Leviathan. As of publication, half of this wave has been made available to order via Amazon, and we’re still waiting on that other half. I’m going to start the review series off with a character who’s quickly become a major face of the game since his introduction in season 6, DJ Yonder.

DJ Yonder has a just plain fun design. His robotic llama head is great and casts a very unique silhouette. Jazwares did a fantastic job capturing the model and personality of his profile. They also changed up some design choices from the first wave, opting to give him an articulated jaw instead of the swappable faceplates.

As they did in the first wave, Jazwares really hooks it up in the accessory department. DJ Yonder includes the “Smash Up” harvesting tool, the “Wave Form” back bling, two pistols, an assault rifle, a Rift-To-Go orb, and a turntable. The turntable may be my favorite accessory. It clips around his waist but under the bottom part of his hoodie so that the attachment parts are pretty well hidden. If you are unaware of what the snow globe looking thing is, it’s the Rift-To-Go. In the game, it is thrown in order to warp your character back up into the sky allowing them to glide towards a new location.

I’m well aware that people weren’t pleased with the finger articulation in the last wave, it’s certainly not an ideal situation. Well, they are still there. However, I noticed that all of the guns now have a gap in the trigger guards which means you can slide the gun into a closed hand instead of opening the hand and gripping it around the handle. This seems to remedy constantly opening and closing the hands which can cause the finger joints to loosen over time. I believe it also just makes gripping the guns a bit easier. Also, Jazwares Fortnite figures have trigger fingers on both hands, which is better than McFarlane Toys who tends to forget them completely or only use them on their right hands. It’s nice not having to pull out the Exacto knife out after I open a new toy.

Would I suggest Jazwares Fortnite Legendary Series DJ Yonder?

He’s easily the best figure in this line so far! Truth be told I was considering dropping the Jazwares 6-inch line because I’m collecting too many scales of Fortnite figures. Something had to give between Jazwares’ 4-inch and 6-inch and McFarlane’s 7-inch lines. Then, of course, the listing popped up on Amazon and right then and there I knew I couldn’t quit this line. Here I am, bury me with all of my Fortnite plastic!

Jazwares Fortnite 6-inch Legendary Series Wave 2 DJ Yonder Review

DJ Yonder is currently available to purchase on Amazon (MSRP is $19.99).

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