McFarlane Toys Fortnite 7-Inch Inferno Review

McFarlane Toys Fortnite 7-Inch Inferno Review

Inferno’s release is the calm before the storm. McFarlane Toys Fortnite line shows absolutely no signs of slowing down as the last quarter of 2019 is packed with upcoming figures. Even as I type this, people have already begun finding the next two characters in the wild: Dire and Havoc. McFarlane’s output for this line is something else, but for now let’s keep our focus on my newest acquisition, Inferno.

If you are familiar with the Wildcard guys, then you know what you are getting into here. Inferno keeps the exact same body type but with a red and black color scheme. The real draw here is the head which is gorgeous. It’s cast in clear orange plastic while the mask is painted glossy red. You can get some great light-piping through the back of the head and into the eyes. McFarlane put together a really pretty sculpt and presentation here.

My only issue with the head is how it sits on the body. I take this issue with every “Wildcard” body because their suits add extra bulk to the shoulders, but they did not think to compensate with longer necks. So when the neck is securely pegged in, the head sits a little too low for my tastes. The solution I came up with was to pop the head and neck out and then just rest it on top of the ball joint. I’ve found that doing this puts the head in the most visually pleasing position. You just have to be aware that if you grab the figure the head is likely to go flying off.

Inferno comes packaged with the “Catalyst” back bling, “Crimson Scythe” pickaxe, two hand cannons, and a figure stand. From the factory, he has a trigger finger on his right hand so in order to make him duel wield his guns I used a razor to cut a trigger finger into the left. I’m not sure why McFarlane doesn’t just give every character two trigger fingers, but it’s a fairly easy thing to fix so I don’t worry too much about it.

Since the skin in the game didn’t include a backpack, I think they could have maybe gone with something a little more exotic. The “Catalyst” back bling is very accurately sculpted, but fairly boring.

McFarlane Toys Fortnite 7-Inch Inferno Review

Would I suggest McFarlane Toys Fortnite 7-inch Inferno?

He’s a repaint but he’s a damn good one at that. Red always does it for me, and the fire effects on his head are gorgeous. I think my biggest gripe with this figure is how the head and neck sit too low, and even then it’s an easy enough fix. Inferno is paired with The Prisoner on the back of his box, but it looks like Dire and Havoc are going to beat his wave mate to stores.

I grabbed Inferno at my local GameStop, which has been a pretty good place to get the newest released in this line. If that isn’t an option for you, preorders are also up on Amazon, he’ll run you about $25.

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