MOTUC Postmortem #2: Tung Lashor (2014)

MOTUC Postmortem #2: Tung Lashor (2014)

Armed with a quick licking tongue that shoots out to reach enemies in battle, Tung Lashor infects his foes with a dose of vile venom. Although he is loyal to King Hssss he was brainwashed by Evil-Lyn into serving the Overlord of Evil for the time being. Tung Lashor is an extremely brutal creature, more openly vicious than the other Snake Men but still cowers before King Hssss like all the others. He likes to lash his tongue at just about anything – even his comrades to shake them up once in a while. Like Rattlor, Tung Lashor eventually became a member of the Evil Horde after he was passed over for promotion in favor of Kobra Khan. Flickering his forked tongue, Tung Lashor stuns his foes with his venomous lick.

Masters of the Universe Classics Postmortem #2

Name: Tung Lashor “Evil Snake Men Creature With the Venomous Tongue”
Real Name: Kasssher
Company: Mattel
Release Date: 2014

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