MOTUC Masters of the Universe Classics Postmortem #3: Fang-Or (2018)

MOTUC Postmortem #3: Fang-Or (2018)

A vicious member of the Snake Men who could regrow his massive fangs after projecting them like knives in battle, Fang-Or first beheld the glory and power of technology in an early battle with the Horde Empire. On Eternia, he volunteered to assist the transformed Snake Man-At-Arms so he could learn how to build more advanced weaponry and vehicles like the Rattle Trap for the Viper Lord King Hssss. Quickly becoming a mechanical expert, Fang-Or was able to access the technology of the Cosmic Key from Gwildor, allowing him and several of the Snake Men to survive the Second Ultimate Battleground by journeying to Trolla where they became vassals of Lady Slither, another of the Viper Lords of the Unnamed One. Later, Fang-Or mobilized Lady Slither’s Snake Lair to help them escape capture on Trolla when He-Man defeated the Revenge Squad. After years adrift between dimensions, the Lair settled on Eternia where they set out to use sorcery and science to reverse the Spell of Separation and restore the Snake Men after the Unnamed One’s demise.

Masters of the Universe Classics Postmortem #3

Name: Fang-Or “Freakishly-Fanged Snake Men Warrior”
Real Name: N/A
Company: Super7
Release Date: 2018

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