Hasbro Marvel Legends Sugar Man BAF Wave AoA Jean Grey Review

Hasbro Marvel Legends Sugar Man BAF Wave AoA Jean Grey Review

Now we’re getting to the 2020 good stuff! While there certainly have been some really good Hasbro Marvel Legends so far this year, the Age of Apocalypse wave was the one I was really looking forward to. Seven new figures, all from the same event, that builds the hideously disgusting Sugar Man. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait a little longer to finish my build-a-figure since the majority of the wave I preordered ended up getting delayed. I did, however, get Jean Grey and Dark Beast, so let’s take a look at the former.

Jean would be a pretty bare-bones package if it wasn’t for the gigantic Sugar Man face/torso taking up the majority of the plastic tray. Unfortunately, Jean probably suffers the most from needed build-a-figure space because she really could have used an energy effect of some sort. Maybe a couple of fists could be included as well, splayed hands are rough for neutral posing. Any of those inclusions could have spiced up this actual figure quite a bit.

Lack of accessories aside, I really do like the design of Age of Apocalypse Jean. The combination of the hair and face decal gives off a fantastic Bowie vibe. Also those shoulder pads, I love the shoulder pads! It’s a great outfit and an added bonus is that it’s the first time we’ve gotten it in the Marvel Legends action figure line.

One thing that does bother me with a lot of Marvel Legends women is that it feels like they space out the eyes just a bit too much. This tends to make them look “off” at certain angles. It can range from looking bored to one eye looking lazy when it really isn’t. I definitely ran into Jean getting that bored look while photographing her … maybe I’m just not very exciting to work with? Who knows?

Hasbro Marvel Legends Sugar Man BAF Wave AoA Jean Grey Review

All in all, Jean is great! She may not be the most flashy Age of Apocalypse character, but she’s certainly essential. Her outfit is fantastic and she includes the majority of Sugar Man’s body. I’m sure if you’ve been collecting Marvel Legends for any period of time you have a few extra effect parts sitting around that she can use.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Sugar Man BAF Wave AoA Jean Grey Review

Where to get her right now? That’s tricky as she seems to be just trickling out. I got mine from Target, but as I mentioned most of the wave is still on backorder, so that probably won’t help you out right now. Here are a few options I could find online:

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