Boss Fight Studio Bucky O'Hare Deluxe Bruiser Review

Boss Fight Studio Bucky O’Hare Deluxe Bruiser Review

We live in pretty neat times right now where a lot of our favorite cartoon and action figure properties from when we were younger are being revived into high-quality toy lines. Classic stuff like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, or Masters of the Universe are cool, but those comebacks are expected. Bucky O’Hare on the other hand? And to think that Boss Fight Studio is ten figures deep into this property with more on the way. That’s really wild!

Bruiser the Betelgusian Berserker Baboon is the first deluxe figure in Boss Fight’s Bucky O’Hare action figure line. Deluxe is most certainly the best adjective to describe this guy, there is a lot of monkey here! He’s a big boy, but not only in height but just sit back and admire the wingspan on those arms! Bruiser’s giant feet make such a great base for poses. Boss Fight did a great job allowing him to both stand upright and get into really deep crouching poses.

Bruiser includes two heads, two sets of hands, a banana, and a rifle. Both of his heads have great expressions. I can’t stress enough how the high-quality plastic, great sculpt, and clean paints really elevate this figure to another level. The personality that oozes out of both of Bruiser’s head portraits is unbelievable.

While I would love to see Boss Fight Studio tackle a deluxe Total Terror Toad, Bruiser was definitely the right choice for the first deluxe release. Who else is going to smash the crap out of all those Storm Toad Troopers we bought last year? He also just fits in so well with the rest of that cast, adding some solid bulk to the ranks of heroes.

I have no idea if it’s intentional or not but you can hang the rifle off of his belt. So I did it! Peely is into it as well.

Deluxe Wave One’s Bruiser is currently up for preorder direct from Boss Fight Studio. I’d expect him to start shipping in the near future so keep an eye out. Also while you are there, Mimi isn’t far behind. Pick up a figure or two from this line, you won’t be disappointed.

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