Toy Fair 2020: Hasbro Marvel Legends Showroom Pictures

Toy Fair 2020: Hasbro Marvel Legends Showroom Pictures

There was a little something for everyone at this year’s Hasbro Marvel Legends showing for New York Toy Fair 2020. Do you like FOX X-Men? They got ya! Are you a big Spider-Man fan? You’re covered! Interested in buying that Age of Apocalypse X-Men wave, but afraid they’ll never make Apocalypse? Fret no more. Did you want action figures from the upcoming Avengers video game? They got you fams.

Seriously, there is just so much to cover here you are probably better off checking out our Marvel Legends checklist which has been updated with all of the Toy Fair surprises.

It’s incredible how many new reveals were shown for Marvel Legends this year at Toy Fair. Check out the gallery below of our pictures taken directly from Hasbro’s showroom.

Also thanks so much to @fakeyes22 for covering in my absence this year and getting these great shots!

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