SDCC 2012: Marvel Legends and Universe Panel

We’ve seen reveals all throughout the week of where Marvel Legends and the Universe line are going.  They held panel this afternoon and dropped a few good bombs on us.  First off, they started and finished the entire Wrecking Crew in two years … one of the most fan requested stables will be done by 2013.  Also the BAF may be gone for 2012 wave 3 … but it makes a small return in 2013 with the Hit Monkey BAF wave.  Go on and check out what Marvel will be up to.

NEW! Ultimate Spider-Man 6″ Line:

  • Nova
  • Iron Spider-Man
  • Ultimate Spider-Man

Marvel Universe:

Digital Comics Exclusive – Old Man Logan w/ Baby

Uncanny X-Men Team Pack – Juggernaut, Emma Frost

Series 3 – Wave 3:

  • Blue Archangel
  • Puck

Series 3 – Wave 4:

  • Professor X w/ Hover Chair
  • Blastaar
  • Jubilee

Marvel Legends:

2013 Series 1 – (Hitmonkey Wave – Welcome to the small BAF age!)

  • Savage She-Hulk (Variant with Red She-Hulk)
  • Red She-Hulk (Variant with Savage She-Hulk)
  • Ultimate Captain America
  • X-Force Wolverine
  • Iron Fist (Variant with Protector)
  • Protector (Variant with Iron Fist)
  • Sentry (Variant with Hyperion)
  • Hyperion (Variant with Sentry)
  • Archangel (Classic)
  • Archangel (X-Force)

2013 Series 2 –

  • Jean Grey (Jim Lee Version)
  • Wrecker (Shared Variant Slot with Bulldozer)
  • Bulldozer (Shared Variant Slot with Wrecker)
  • Moonstone

Iron Man Legends 6″:

SDCC 2012 - Iron Man Legends - Iron Monger

Extremis Iron Man shown with what appears to be a BAF blue Iron Monger.

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