Ask Matty – September 1, 2012

The Ask Matty segment totally blindsided me today as I guess they wanted to get them out of the way prior to the holiday weekend.  None the less it’s always nice to get some questions answered on a slow Friday.  Today we delve into the important current issues: Castle Greyskullman’s hair, Power Con Surprises, and Skeletor’s origin.

So sit back and relax, enjoy the weekend and read the answers.

[box style=”note”]Q: Regarding the surprise accessory that will be handed out at Power-Con, it says in the announcement that it will be available first there … does this mean it will see a release as a pack in somewhere down the line?

A: Yes, we have more units than we expect to give out at Power Con so likely it will also be given out somewhere else in the future.

Q: With the DC Comics MOTU Origin of Skeletor coming out this year, and the mini-comic next year being Skeletor’s origin as well I assume the two are probably going to be very different?

A: Yes, they are both quite different.

Q: Skeletor gets a lot of different origin stories that have been told throughout the years, is the mini comic going to specifically tie in to the MOTUC bio’s we continue to read?

A: Yes, the mini comic will be in the bios cannon.

Q: Has there been a verdict on the final hair color of Castle Greyskullman?  He was shown with very blonde, almost Hulkamania hair … but you had mentioned it was probably going to be whiter in production?

A: It is more green and white than yellow. We will have a close to final sample at Power Con and NYCC.

Q: Will Ram Man’s neck peg be the same as all the other figures in the line so I can stick a Whiplash head on him if I want to?

A: Yes, the neck peg on Ram Man is the same as every other fig.


There you have it folks, another Ask Matty in the bag!  Good news on the Power-Con accessory, however I kinda liked the blonde Castle Greyskullman … but you can’t win them all.  Have a great Labor Day weekend and we’ll try to keep you updated throughout!

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