NECA: Left 4 Dead Smoker Packaged and Loose Pics

You are the last survivor and roughly 50 feet from the end of the level in Left 4 Dead, your dead companions are cheering you on over voicechat.  Then it happens … that tongue gets you and sucks you in.  Game over.  The Smoker is the one of the biggest asshole special undead you will encounter while playing the Left 4 Dead series.  The Smoker is a hideous abomination with a giant tongue that can drag anyone who isn’t careful to their death.  He is also NECA’s second figure from the Valve Left 4 Dead figure line.

The Smoker will be available in September so be on the look out this month!  He will come fully articulated with multiple bendy tongues achieved through sire inserts.  Check out the pictures below and let the anticipation build.

[nggallery id=73]

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