NECA News: David’s Dome, City Hunters, Robocop’s Leg

Friday is generally the day that Randy at NECA likes to hop on Twitter and blast a few pictures to feed our constant need to plan what we can throw our money at.  And NECA seems to be on quite a tear of great quality products from really strong licenses.  Today we have some packaging shots, some nice Predators, and David from Prometheus in his full exploration get-up.

Predator – We have the Quarter Scale City Hunter … pretty close to perfection in my opinion.


Predator Series 7: Falconer and Bird Trophy Skull – apparently they are going to try to make a trophy wall next year with the final trophy skull.  That will be a really nice set for those who have been gathering them from various releases.  It will look especially nice with the entire lost tribe.


Prometheus Series 1: David – Oh looks David’s dome for his exploration uniform!  This is really turning out to be a nice figure.

NECA Prometheus Series 1 - David with Dome
Check my dome son!

Assassin’s Creed Revelations Ezio “The Mentor” Packaging – That’s pretty funny I just started this game too, I hadn’t tried an Assassin’s Creed before and Revelations went really cheap during the Steam summer sale so I picked it up.  What this has to do with the cool packaging?  Nothing.

NECA Assassins Creed Revelations - Ezio Packaging
The Mentor

Robocop – Yes NECA will get you to buy one more Robocop because you can’t be without the one with the leg holster.  Oh NECA, you got us all by the balls!  Check out the instructions from the back of the packaging.

NECA Spring Loaded Leg Holster Robocop

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