Toy Fair 2014: NECA Predator

NECA brought a whole bunch of Predators to Toy Fair this year, showing off two series and a new deluxe vehicle.  Yes, the Predator line officially has a vehicle now.  Yes, this is NECA.  Yes, this is completely insane.

So NECA showed off the next two series of their immensely populate Predator line.  I believe this is also basically a send off wave to the original two movies, concepts, and Kenner Predators.  The plan for wave 14 and 15 is to focus on the Alien vs Predator movie and get some new sculpts for those characters.  As expected the retooled Elder Predator that was bumped by Thermal Vision Dutch is in series 12.  He’s joined by the Bad Blood and Enforcer Predators,  which are based off of the Dark Horse comic.  Predator series 12 should hit shelves around June 2014 and is as follows:


Elder Predator (Predator 2)
Bad Blood Predator (Bad Blood Comic Series)
Enforcer Predator (Bad Blood Comic Series)

Moving on to series 13 we are now back in another Kenner based series.  Much like series 10 all three figures are based off of the original Kenner Predator line.  These are expected to hit shelves around August 2014 and the lineup is as follows:


Broken Tusk

This then brings us to the vehicle.  The Predator line will officially now have two deluxe sized releases with the Trophy Wall from last year, and this year we get Viper piloting the Blade Fighter!  This thing is massive.  I actually thought it was a Predator wrist prop when I first walked into the booth, but was surprised as hell when I found out what it really was.  The Blade Fighter has gigantic claws sticking out of the front of it that could probably kill somebody.  It’s pretty impressive!  Expect the Blade Fighter with Viper (the pilot) to be released around August 2014.


NECA also has the 8-bit version of the Predator coming out in about a month.  I’d expect to see some of the Alien vs Predator stuff shown at SDCC this year, so keep an eye out for that!  Check out the images below for some closer looks at all of NECA’s Predator stuff from Toy Fair!

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