Toy Fair 2014: S.H. Figuarts Super Mario

As if you needed more reason to get pumped for Mario’s triumphant action figure release, Bluefin Tamashii had a very large display of the little red plumber at Toy Fair this year!  Check out the entirety of the display below, and marvel over the fact that it was entirely made out of parts you can get with Mario or the diorama pieces Figuarts will have out in June!


I was actually a little surprised how large Mario looked in real life.  Seeing press pictures somehow warped my mind into thinking he’s a bit smaller than he actually is.  The figure looks great and the diorama pieces are pretty large and exciting!  You can still preorder Mario and his accompanying diorama parts over at Amazon right now!  The asking price of $25 for Mario is going to be a steal, this figure really turned out great and I can’t wait to get him.

Check out the gallery below for a little photo shoot I did with all the Marios displayed at Toy Fair:

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