Hasbro Marvel Legends Six-Inch Toy Fair 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Hasbro Marvel Legends

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends reveals were what I was most looking forward to at Toy Fair this year.  Last year was a banner year for the brand, and I couldn’t wait to see what they had planned this one.  The first thing we found out was that the “Marvel Legends” name was changing from the banner of the line to the name of the brand.  Meaning that all collector lines of action figures will be included under the title.  But the 3 3/4″ line was already being labeled under Marvel Legends, so how is this news?  Well now they have also added twelve-inch figures to the Marvel Legends brand.

The twelve-inch Marvel Legends brand was teased with pictures of characters like Giant Man and Groot that we would want in that large scale to compliment our six-inch collection.  We do not appear to be at that point yet, however, since the first three releases will be: Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man.  I’m probably going to cherry pick this line, but I can’t deny that Spider-Man speaks to me.

So on to the Marvel Legends six-inch series.  Oddly, they revealed a lot but also held a whole bunch back.  We were shown Civil War wave 2 (without the build-a-figure), two figures from Civil War wave 3, four figures from Spider-Man wave 2, four from the Dr. Strange wave, the X-Men wave (without the build-a-figure), and a bunch of exclusives.  It’s still a TON of reveals, but it feels so incomplete not knowing full lineups or build-a-figures.  From talking to some of the folks over at Hasbro they also plan to use the Hasbro Pulse service more often to relay news to the fans, so I think some of the reveals will be held back for that.

Let’s get into the meat of of it, here’s the breakdowns:

Captain America: Civil War Wave 2 (2Q 2016):
Build-A-Figure – Giant Man (Not shown)
Captain America (Civil War Version)
Iron Man (Civil War Version)
Black Panther (Civil War Version)
Red Guardian
Nick Fury

Captain America: Civil War Wave 3 (3Q 2016):
Build-A-Figure – Unknown
Captain America
Scarlet Witch (Civil War Version)

Spider-Man Wave 2 (3Q 2016):
Build-A-Figure – Unknown
Ultimate Peter Park Spider-Man
Miles Morales

X-Men (3Q/4Q 2016):
Build-A-Figure – Unknown
Ice Man
Kitty Pryde

Dr. Strange (3Q/4Q 2016):
Build-A-Figure – Dormammu (Redeco of the SDCC version)
Dr. Strange (Movie Version)
Iron Fist (Green)

Walmart – Winter Soldier (Civil War) and Falcon (Civil War)
Target – War Machine (Civil War) and Iron Man Mark 27 Disco (Iron Man 3)
Walgreens – Namor and Punisher (Jim Lee)
Toys ‘R’ Us – Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Sam Wilson Captain America, and Vision three-pack



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  1. Too many figures on here that I want. Definitely Rogue, Iceman and Deadpool, teenage Peter Parker and Miles Morales, Iron Man and Black Panther. Probably Hobgoblin and Silk. I never collected Marvel Legends before, just picked up a figure here and there during the Toybiz days, but Hasbro is killing it lately.

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