Mattel WWE Toy Fair 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Mattel WWE

I enjoy watching World Wrestling Entertainment, but I’m not a big collector.  This is where I run into problems when Mattel shows off figures at Toy Fair, I’m not exactly sure what is new and what is already out there.  They don’t really label them either so I just have to sit here and guess.  Or just post everything and let you all figure it out for yourselves!

I do have some highlights from the group, however.  Sure Tytus may currently be serving a 60 day suspension for grabbing Vince’s arm, but at least his action figure exists!  The Prime Time Players get some some representation in a new “Battle Pack” two-pack.  Another two-pack includes JOHN CENA and a rather thin looking Kevin Owens.  I’m guessing they haven’t yet developed a Kevin Owens shaped body.

A very nice looking NXT Champion Finn Balor was shown, I hope the production piece keeps all that great paint!  And finally Luke Harper has the best expression a Luke Harper action figure could ever have.

And now for something new!  Remember last year when we saw a prototype of zombie Hulk Hogan ripping his skin off?  And then Hulk went on to say some awful racist things and we all just had to assume this sub-line was as good as dead?  Well it looks like it isn’t.  The line is a reality just without that Hulk Hogan (which unfortunately was one of the more creative aspects of the line).  We get to see Triple H, The Rock, Dean Ambrose, Five-Star John Cena, Four-Star Roman Reigns, Paige, Undertaker, and Bray Wyatt as zombies.


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